Well done James Colven (seen teeing off at 10th today), Winter

League Champion with 410 pts, from Robert Macaskill, Andy Pendry, 

and 4th Chris Hanley. 149 winter rounds: great achievement


Thanks to Kyle Taxis,our Sponsors for the winter league.

Winter League Golf Rules

1. The competition is open to all members, both ladies and gents. Individual sections shall determine a Ladies and a Gents winner and shall commence now.

2. Each competitor shall post £1 in the card box before commencing their round. They should write ‘PAID’ on their scorecard.

3. The format will be Stableford with each individual responsible for their handicap total. Scores will be published via the normal tee time whatsapp group on a weekly basis including handicap adjustments. Before commencing a round each competitor should declare their adjusted handicap on their scorecard and be aware of their increase or deduction.

4. Should a competitor be below 36 points for any particular round then their unofficial winter handicap shall be increased by 0.1 (no categories)

5. Should a competitor be over 36 points for any particular round then their unofficial winter handicap shall be decreased by 0.3 (no categories)

6. Competitors can play as many winter rounds as they wish: the best 10 score total deciding the winning golfer.

7. ALL competitors should respect the winter green rulings in force from the Greenkeeper.

8. A "no return" round shall automatically increase the player's unofficial winter handicap by 0.1.

9. Competitors have until the 9th December to register their names on the clubhouse sheet. Saturday March 24th 2019 shall be the final day's play and conclude the league.

This event is sponsored by Kenny MacLeod, Kyle Taxis

Getting you there on time

Winter Rules (2018-2019 season)

With effect from 1st December the following winter rules come into force...

1. A ball coming to rest on any fairway MUST either be

   a) played from a mat as near as possible to where it lay, or

   b) lifted and replaced off the fairway at least one club length from the nearest edge of the fairway , not nearer the hole, or at the nearest point of relief from any obstruction this brings into play, not nearer the hole.

2. A ball coming to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway edge MUST be lifted and dropped beyond one club length, not nearer the hole, unless this is not possible due to obstructions interfering with play in which case the ball may be played as it lies.

3. A ball coming to rest beyond the painted lines across the fairway, in front of normal greens, may be played as it lies.

4. A ball coming to rest on any winter green not in use MUST be lifted and dropped under G.U.R. (rule 25.1, or rule 16 in the "Player's Edition" of the new rules in force from 1st January 2019).

5. In the vicinity of greens (either "normal" or "winter"), a ball may be played as it lies using a putter.

6. All club winter league competition matches with winter greens in play shall remain as such throughout the day.

Please note: any time a player lifts a ball under these winter season rules, the ball may be cleaned.

Chris Hanley

Greens Convener.

There are a few points worth explaining further.


These seasonal rules are intended to protect our course from excessive damage through the winter months. Protection and care of our course should be foremost in all members' minds and actions at all times, but especially through the winter when it can be easier to inflict damage on the course, and harder for the course to recover from that damage.

When removing a ball from the fairway to place it in the semi-rough, there may occasionally be situations where it is difficult or impossible to comply with the "at least one club length". For example, this might bring the wall on the 1st/10th hole into play. The rules are not intended to unfairly disadvantage a player, and so common sense must prevail. If, for example, under rule 1 when we place the ball at least one club length from the edge of the fairway this means a player cannot take a normal swing, that is clearly an unfair disadvantage. In this case, the ball should be placed as near as possible to a point that complies with the rule but still gives the player relief from the obstruction.

Similarly, if a ball comes to rest in the rough, within one club length of the fairway, and dropping it beyond one club length means this forces a player to bring an obstruction into play, this would be completely unfair and the ball may be played as it lies.

Note the difference between REPLACING a ball that was on the fairway, and DROPPING a ball that came to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway. The former is intended not to risk disadvantaging a player who has found a fairway, so the ball is placed. However, a less accurate player who found the rough will have to drop the ball and run the risk of a resulting poorer lie. 

If players carry a mat / section of carpet and use this when playing from the fairway, the need to drop the ball off the fairway is removed. Also, damage caused in "popular" areas of semi-rough will be reduced. Any such mat / carpet should be sufficient to afford protection to the fairway when the stroke is made.

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