£10 registration fee

Further funds to prize totals

Winter League Golf Rules Now in Force 

1. The competition is open to ALL members both ladies and gents. Individual sections shall determine a Ladies and a Gents winner and shall commence November 13th. Registration is open - payable by BACS or a deposited £10. Please email of your interest

2. Each competitor shall post a £2 in the visitors safe or by BACS before commencing their round.

3. The format will be Stableford with each individual responsible for their handicap total. Scores will be published via the Winter League 2020/21 tee time Whatsapp group on a weekly basis including handicap adjustments. Before commencing a round each competitor should note their adjusted handicap.  ALL competitors should read the Social Media Policy. The Group is only for communicating scores. Cards need not be submitted just send your final score into the Whatsapp group.

4. Should a competitor be below 36 points for any particular round then their unofficial winter handicap shall be increased by 0.1 (no categories)

5. Should a competitor be over 36 points for any particular round then their unofficial winter handicap shall be reduced by 0.3 (no categories)

6. Competitors can play as much winter rounds as they wish, the best 10 scores totals the winning golfer.

7. ALL competitors should respect the winter green rulings in force from the Greenkeeper or greens convenor. 

8. A NR round shall automatically increase a handicap by 0.1


Please bear with us as we move from ClubV1 to the Scottish Golf app through the winter months ahead

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