Golfing YouTube Links

In this time of "Covid-19" and "stay at home" with golf courses across the land closed, we felt obliged to help our members and wider audience with a few suggestions of ways to pass our time and still get our "golfing" fix. (Our apologies in advance if you end up spending more time than you intend watching any of this stuff!)

We must, however, point out that we can take no responsibility for the content of any third-party site or video, or what they might then link to, and we are not choosing to promote these examples over any others or YouTube over, say, Vimeo or any other similar resource. These are just examples that we hope you will enjoy and which might encourage you to find some more to suit your own tastes.

First, some drone footage provided by our very

own Ally Young last spring. It's our hope to expand

on this when conditions allow us access to the

golf course: 

For your nostalgia fix, here are some programmes from Shell's "Wonderful World of Golf" series featuring bygone champions whose names I'm sure most will recognise, and some wonderful golf courses!

Greg Norman vs Nick Faldo (Sunningdale)

Gene Littler vs Eric Brown (King's Course, Gleneagles)

Ben Hogan vs Sam Snead (Houston CC)

Nicklaus vs Watson (Pebble Beach)

Gene Sarazen vs Henry Cotton (Old Course, St Andrews)

We include that last one because it's worth watching if only to see the Old Course's 17th hole before the hotel was built! There are many more of these and you might find a favourite player or venue of your own among them. 


The following Golf Monthly presentations handle some potentially boring subjects very well and are certainly thought-provoking:

8 Biggest Rules Mistakes

7 Biggest Etiquette Mistakes

7 Biggest Strategy Mistakes

7 Biggest Practice Mistakes

7 Golf Gear Rules

There are enough instructional videos out there to completely confuse us all but we'll include a few different sources as examples. We're not suggesting these are any better or worse than any others: that's for you to decide. You can spend as long as you like looking for videos that meet your own needs but maybe these will give you some pointers:

Coaching Anna

Chris Ryan Golf

Russell Heritage

Danny Maude

Mark Crossfield

Phil Mickelson

That's just 6 but there are many, many more available. We're sure you'll find something useful for yourselves once you start digging around. Incidentally, Mark Crossfield posts a lot more than just instructional videos. Ably assisted by an old friend of mine (Matt Lockey), among others, he has loads of videos of light-hearted golf matches on various golf courses and many videos where they discuss all kinds of golf topics. I know quite a few of our members already watch Mark's posts.

There is so much more available, from re-runs of past Majors to instructions on how to build your own practice net in the garden but for our final offering, here's a video about an odd but remarkable golfer than many people might not even have heard of, though most pros will know the name. Many regard him as the best ball-striker ever...

Moe Norman

We hope some of these will bring you some enjoyment and, who knows, maybe even improve your game when we get the chance to play again.