Isle of Skye Open, Saturday 6th July 2019

Although considerably cooler than last year's scorcher. it at least stayed dry for us. The breeze seemed to cause quite a bit of consternation, particularly its varying strength. There were many baffled golfers relating tales of puzzling club selections in the clubhouse afterwards!

We're sure everyone will agree wholeheartedly that the course was in great condition and beautifully presented. Credit for this must go to our new green-keeper, John Cunningham, who has been working his magic all around the course.

And so, to the results...

                             Ladies Strokeplay

Scratch      1st - Donalda Johnston (IOSGC)          88

Handicap  1st - Ann Jagger (IOSGC)               nett 73

Longest Drive - Ann Jagger (IOSGC)

                              Gents Strokeplay

Scratch       1st - Scott Ewing (Elderslie GC)              69

                    2nd -  Alasdair Grant (Mortonhall GC)     72 

                     3rd -  Chris Hanley (IOSGC)                        72 

Handicap (0 - 12)  1st - Iain Douglas (IOSGC)                           nett 62

                                 2nd - Chris Webb (The Oxfordshire GC)   nett 63 

                                  3rd - Chris Mackinnon (IOSGC)                   nett 63

Handicap (13+ )     1st - Alasdair Campbell (IOSGC)               nett 64

                                 2nd - Gillies Nicolson (IOSGC)                     nett 65

                                  3rd - Steve Coull (IOSGC)                             nett 66


Longest Drive    - Ryan Macaskill (IOSGC)

Nearest the Pin - Johnny Macmillan (Traigh GC) 

Finally, our thanks go to "Starsky" who, at the end of the day, was very keen to make sure everyone recognised and appreciated all the work put in by the club's committee, stewards, and volunteers, without whose time and efforts the day simply could not happen. 


A few competitors still around at the end of the day, including several of the prize-winners 


Scott Ewing, Scratch Champion, receiving the trophy from Captain Kenny Macleod

Last year's results...

Jim now has a small stock of bag towels if anyone is interested in buying one from him!

Ladies Strokeplay

Scratch      1st - Karen Starr (Lochcarron GC)   79

Handicap  1st - Miriam Drysdale (Lochcarron GC)  nett 69

                   2nd -  Sandra Dew (IOSGC)                           nett 72

Longest Drive - Karen Starr (Lochcarron GC)

Nearest the Pin - Miriam Drysdale (though her "hole in one"

to win was maybe taking nearest the pin a bit too


Gents Strokeplay

Scratch       1st - Murdo Gordon (IOSGC)               70

                    2nd -  Jim MacDonald (Elderslie GC) 71 (bih)

                     3rd -  Iain Douglas (IOSGC)                   71 

Handicap (0 - 12)  1st - Daniel MacDonald (IOSGC)   nett 60 (bih)

                                 2nd - Chris Hanley (IOSGC)               nett 60 

                                  3rd - J MacMillan (Traigh GC)          nett 66

Handicap (13+ )     1st - David MacLean (IOSGC)         nett 58

                                 2nd - Steve Coull (IOSGC)                 nett 61 (bih)

                                  3rd - Kyle Pirie (IOSGC)                     nett 61 


Longest Drive    - Jim MacDonald (Elderslie GC)

Nearest the Pin - Jim MacDonald (Elderslie GC) 

Scoring on the day was remarkably good, with several players bettering their handicap by a considerable margin. The recent spells of very dry weather had left the course firm, so playing even shorter than usual. Nevertheless, accurate play in a stiff breeze was still very much the key to returning a good score.

For those checking their HowDidIDo accounts, we are still battling some problems with handicaps which are preventing us from closing the competition. (Closing a competition publishes the results to HowDidIDo.) We are working to get this completed as soon as possible, though much of it is outwith our control.

We had one or two "stand-ins" for the photos!

No prizes for identifying my victim.

(Sorry, I mean "photographic subject".)