We have been receiving requests to purchase some of the items normally for sale in the clubhouse. To help with this, we have set up this page to show some of our stock and provide a way to buy these items from us. Please use the special email address below for enquiries or to request an order form. 

(To ensure we get your request quickly, please don't use the contact form on our website or our usual email address for this.)

Please email your enquires and requests for order forms to skyegolfshop@gmail.com and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Pentland Hat


Pentland hats. Ideal for winter play, or a Skye summer!

PENCGB - grey with black check


PENBW   - Black Watch tartan


PENCBG - black with grey check


Golf Caps


Blue: £12.00

White with tartan brim: £12.50

Club shirts


Gents' and Ladies' "Cool Plus" material shirts, various sizes and colours

£23 each

With collar stripe

£28 each



Highland Cow driver headcover with IOSGC collar and badge (brown)

£19.95 each



Tri-fold: black, navy, or burgundy:

£11.50 each

On the Green


Our popular ball markers, pitch-mark repairers, and cap-clips.

Ball marker: £2

Pitch-mark repairer: £4.50 (with marker)

Cap-clip: £4.50 (with marker)

Pentland Pom Hat


Pentland Mono Stripe Pom hats.

PENSMPBG  - black with grey stripe


PENSMPRW - blue with white stripe


PENSPGW     - grey with white stripe


Logo Balls


Titleist DT TruSoft balls with our IOSGC logo

£2.90 each

Club shirts


Ladies' Glenmuir "Talisker" shirt, size 8-10 (small), navy blue




Skye Terrier driver headcover with IOSGC collar and badge (white)

£19.50 each



Microfibre, Tri-fold: black, blue, or silver-grey: £11.25 each

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