Unofficial glossary of golfing terms, some rules, some etiquette, and a wee story or two...

In these new pages on our website we discuss various subjects that may be of interest to our members and visitors alike. Much of what is said here is interpretation or opinion, though we believe it to be factually correct at the time of writing. You could think of this as an extension of some of the chat that goes on in many clubs' "19th hole". 


For an official ruling, though, always, always refer to the R&A Rules of Golf and CONGU


Some Rules-related Stuff


Playing Formats

If you spot any errors, or you know of an interesting golfing term, ruling, etc. that could be included, or indeed if you have a question about something unusual or you've heard some unusual golfing term you think is interesting, by all means contact us and we'll look into adding it to these pages. 

David McHutchison (IOSGC webmaster). 

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