Winter Golf 2018/2019 Seasonal Rules

November 14, 2018

With effect from 1st December the following winter rules come into force...

1. A ball coming to rest on any fairway MUST either be

   a) played from a mat as near as possible to where it lay, or

   b) lifted and replaced off the fairway at least one club length from the nearest edge of the fairway , not nearer the hole, or at the nearest point of relief from any obstruction this brings into play, not nearer the hole.

2. A ball coming to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway edge MUST be lifted and dropped beyond one club length, not nearer the hole, unless this is not possible due to obstructions interfering with play in which case the ball may be played as it lies.

3. A ball coming to rest beyond the painted lines across the fairway, in front of normal greens, may be played as it lies.

4. A ball coming to rest on any winter green not in use MUST be lifted and dropped under G.U.R. (rule 25.1, or rule 16 in the "Player's Edition" of the new rules in force from 1st January 2019).

5. In the vicinity of greens (either "normal" or "winter"), a ball may be played as it lies using a putter.

6. All club winter league competition matches with winter greens in play shall remain as such throughout the day.

Please note: any time a player lifts a ball under these winter season rules, the ball may be cleaned.

Chris Hanley

Greens Convener.

There are a few points worth explaining further.


These seasonal rules are intended to protect our course from excessive damage through the winter months. Protection and care of our course should be foremost in all members' minds and actions at all times, but especially through the winter when it can be easier to inflict damage on the course, and harder for the course to recover from that damage.

When removing a ball from the fairway to place it in the semi-rough, there may occasionally be situations where it is difficult or impossible to comply with the "at least one club length". For example, this might bring the wall on the 1st/10th hole into play. The rules are not intended to unfairly disadvantage a player, and so common sense must prevail. If, for example, under rule 1 when we place the ball at least one club length from the edge of the fairway this means a player cannot take a normal swing, that is clearly an unfair disadvantage. In this case, the ball should be placed as near as possible to a point that complies with the rule but still gives the player relief from the obstruction.

Similarly, if a ball comes to rest in the rough, within one club length of the fairway, and dropping it beyond one club length means this forces a player to bring an obstruction into play, this would be completely unfair and the ball may be played as it lies.

Note the difference between REPLACING a ball that was on the fairway, and DROPPING a ball that came to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway. The former is intended not to risk disadvantaging a player who has found a fairway, so the ball is placed. However, a less accurate player who found the rough will have to drop the ball and run the risk of a resulting poorer lie. 

If players carry a mat / section of carpet and use this when playing from the fairway, the need to drop the ball off the fairway is removed. Also, damage caused in "popular" areas of semi-rough will be reduced. Any such mat / carpet should be sufficient to afford protection to the fairway when the stroke is made.

Notice of AGM: Thursday 6th December, 2018

November 11, 2018

Members are invited to our Annual General Meeting which will be held on Thursday 6th December in the clubhouse at 7:00pm. 


The agenda is available on our Membership page.

It includes a nomination form for anyone wishing to join the committee. This can also be accepted at the meeting. Currently the Committee is a very small group and it is essential that volunteers come forward in order to sustain the club. We hope that Members will recognise the need for their support.


Any additional items for the agenda can be sent to the Club email address no later than 14 days before the meeting. (This website's Contact Us page forwards messages to the Club email address so can also be used.)


The Committee hope to see you there and look forward for your support.

Winter League 2018/19

November 09, 2018

We have a winter league competition! You can find out all about it via the new site menu item "WINTER LEAGUE", or via this link here....

Winter League

Final Competition News of the Season, by John Marshall

October 29, 2018

........and so it came to pass that on the day that the clocks were adjusted and folks 'down south' were concerned with the effects of the  Pembrokeshire Dangler * it was the first snows of the season dropping gently from the leaden skies above Glamaig that concerned the great and the good from the Isle of Skye Golf Club as they converged for the final competitive time this season on their littoral layout at Sconser there to display their skills and abilities in pursuit of the Burton Cup and thereafter to attend the prizegiving ceremony where the lucky ones would receive their richly deserved guerdons.


The sudden chill in the weather greatly reduced the size of the competitive field and with hailstones lying on the greens it had to be 'game on' irrespective of the conditions. The first lap of the circuit was euphemistically described as 'severe' with frozen digits a major cause for concern but conditions improved to just plain 'nasty' for the second and final lap of the track!

The best individual score, albeit on a testing day, was a modest Stableford total of 36pts for John Allan Macleod but he did submit a very respectable 'second nine' requiring a mere 36 shots. It was good enough though to ease newly-crowned Club Champion Chris Hanley into the runner-up slot by virtue of the 'better inward half' - both players returning similar points totals . Although the latter returned two birdies he bogeyed the final hole to perhaps allow JA the victory. Third place went to James Colven although he was some way off the winning pace.

The Burton Cup is a pairs-competition played for on the day with the partnerships not being selected until a 'secret' draw is made following the conclusion of the event.  The winners were the 'team' of Chris Hanley and Ian Marr with a total of 65pts. The runners-up were Ross Cumming and John Allan Macleod also with 65pts with third place going to the team of John Finlayson and James Colven with 58pts.

The season-long Summer Stableford competition also reached it's conclusion last Saturday morning with John Allan Macleod  eventually strolling to victory in the end as his nearest challenger, Archie Macaskill, failed to record a score on the day. There were more than 20 entrants for this competition with upwards of 170 rounds being submitted for inclusion so let's hope that the Winter version is also a success.

Following the prizegiving ceremony the Club Captain Kenny Macleod thanked his committee, the greenkeeper and the stewards for their hard work during the season.



1) C.Hanley(36) and I.Marr(29) 65pts b.i.h,

2) R.Cumming(29) and J.A.Macleod(36) 65pts,

3) J.Finlayson(26) and J.Colven (32) 58pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

October 21, 2018

Hurrah, not a big turnout but play was available for a whole weekend-for the first time in several weeks at the Isle of Skye Golf Club. It was a lovely mild Saturday - midgies still in residence - as the first of the groups tried to post a score in the Captain's Prize competition. Workmates and colleagues David Maclean and Andrew Long - who were also drawn together in the same group - returned the best scores of the day with 41pts each in the Stableford format. Although David failed to register a score on the second hole he recorded a brace of birdies en route to posting his total. Andrew was 'very tidy' for 34 shots going out with 37 required to complete the finishing loop. However, the former's better finish - including a birdie on the final hole - saw him earn the workday bragging rights come Monday but could that good total be bettered 24hrs later?

At least the Sunday guys got a chance to strut their stuff and indeed one of their number - Ross Cumming - managed to ease his nose in front overall to win the Captain's Prize. Although he got off to a shaky start, the recovery was good and Ross required but 40 blows to complete the first nine holes. A similar return for the final lap resulted in a total of 42pts and victory by a single point.

Although not featuring in the prize list, Alex 'four birdies on the day' Munro merits a mention as he laid the foundation for a challenge but a few wild efforts off the 11th tee holed his effort below the water line and he had to settle for modest respectability.

It's the Burton Cup and Prizegiving for gents and ladies on Saturday morning (27th) before the main competitive season enters a period of suspended animation until hopefully emerging ready for renewed battle in Spring 2019.

The Winter Stableford competition should keep the competitive juices flowing throughout the 'dark' months however.

The spirit in the club has been good this season and that vibe has stimulated general interest which has led to a few possible new recruits indicating a willingness to assist with next year's administration and running of the club.

If more members were to take a share in the club's organisation the burden on the 'usual suspects' could be eased considerably.


The condition of the course too has improved out of all recognition despite the almost freak weather conditions earlier in the season which severely hampered the course preparation. Hollow-coring and top-dressing on the greens is now in full swing in an attempt to ensure the course is in the best possible condition next year.


Sat13th/Sun14th October, Captain's Prize.

1) R.Cumming 42pts,

2) D.Maclean 41pts b.i.h,

3) A.Long 41pts.


October 20, 2018




Please use it if you can!

Thank you.

Competition News by John Marshall

October 14, 2018

On a glorious autumnal Saturday morning the players came out to play their monthly 'medal' on a course which is in as good condition as at any time during this long season. Some welcome late warmth and consequent growth has allowed the layout to bloom so despite the extended early season cold spell followed by a long drought the course has recovered remarkably well.

Conditions above ground were good too and Stephen Coull stepped up to the mark as he shot a nett 62 to win the competition by two clear strokes. He had some trouble negotiating the first half of his round but finished strongly - only 37 blows required to complete the task for a comfortable victory. Playing partners Ian Marr and John Allan Macleod occupied the other podium positions with the former recording two halves of 46 and 40 blows for his total while the latter was tidy for 38/37.

Only four groups played in the competition with the first, second and third place prizewinners all playing together!

The wet and windy weather prevented any other competitive activity in the club and the poor Sunday guys haven't had a chance to compete on their chosen day for several weeks now.

A caveat to the course condition is that the annual autumnal hollow-coring of the greens is currently underway so players should make the necessary allowances. There are now just two competitive weekends remaining with the season-ending Burton Cup and Prize-giving scheduled for Saturday 27th October.



Sat 6th October,Monthly Medal.

1) S.Coull 79(17) nett 62,

2) I.Marr 86(22) 64 b.i.h,

3) J.A.Macleod 75(11) 64.


October 13, 2018

Please note that there will be an additional Stableford competition for Gents on Sat 20th / Sun 21st October if they would like to enter it.

Competition News by John Marshall

October 07, 2018

The continuing dreary weather has meant that a lot of the regular competitors at the Isle of Skye Golf Club may have already called a premature end to their golf season and stowed their clubs away for the winter - although the fixture list shows competition play is still scheduled for another few weeks yet.

This game is meant to be fun and enjoyable but in howling gales and incessant rain normal play is next to impossible.

And so it was when only three players arrived on the first tee on a recent Saturday morning surely never expecting to be the only competitors during the whole weekend. The weary weekend warriors commenced their game but were soon to find that it was going to be a very taxing experience. The third hole is a wee par 3 measuring 153yds, albeit with out-of-bounds running the whole way up the port side and would normally require a 6 or 7-iron to 'get home' but the low-handicapper of the trio required his heaviest artillery-the driver-and still failed to find the putting surface as the wind howled straight from Druim Nan Cleochd into their faces.

Frequent blustery showers also battered the players who did well to finish 'intact' and able to fight another day.

Understandably the scoring was modest in the extreme but let the record show that David Maclean's 32pts total was a respectable performance considering the conditions. Ian Marr and John Allan Macleod, his companions for the day, both had 29pts with the former easing the latter into third place.

Fast forward to Monday and the Old Boys' Monthly Stableford competition accommodated another trickle of players (two) who nevertheless did their best in good conditions and seemed to enjoy the challenge on what was a lovely morning that our wee friends - the midgies - also came out to enjoy. Both George Neil and Dave Webster scored 31pts but the former following, by his own admission, a very poor 'outward half' settled well to the task in hand to come home in a very respectable 37shots for a better inward half, victory, and no doubt bragging rights over his good friend and former club steward colleague.

Slide forward another 24hrs and two ladies made the effort to play in their nine-hole Stableford competition where conditions weren't exactly conducive to good scoring but Ann Jagger did what was required to secure victory over her good friend Sandra Dew.

 It's such a shame that the wind and rain has worn the competitive edge off a lot of the regular competing golfers because the course is in very rude health with both the fairways and rough in well-managed condition plus the greens have recently been scarified and freshly cut several times since.

A wise man/woman would make every effort to get down to the course as soon as possible to enjoy the conditions - it could be another long, hard winter!



Sat 29th Sept, Stableford.

1) D.Maclean 32pts,

2) I.Marr 29pts b.i.h,

3) J.A.Macleod 29pts.

Mon 1st October, Storr Cup - Senior Stableford.

1) G.Neill 31pts b.i.h,

2) D.Watson 31pts.


Tues 2nd October, Stableford

1) A.Jagger,

2) S.Dew.

Competition News by John Marshall

September 30, 2018

Good player response this week for the Black and White Shield which is a two-category handicap competition. The scores and prize list would seem to indicate that Saturday offered the better playing conditions with five of the six 'places' going to contestants on that day.

John Allan Macleod continues in a 'good groove' as he eased to victory in the top category and removed yet another piece from his playing handicap. A miserly 33 blows were required to negotiate the outward half but it would appear that the old fella 'caught a crab' coming home as he drifted  to the finishing line in 39 shots. However, satisfaction was his as he signed for a nett 61 and a three-shot victory over Ian Douglas.

Ian, off a much lower handicap, shot 36/35 - with three birdies - for a very good total of 64. Some distance away in third place was Alex Munro with two halves of 39 and 37 - also with three birdies - for a nett 68.

Playing one day later Donnie MacPhee finally entered the winner's circle with a well-crafted 65 to win category two following a nice finish. Ian Marr started badly but improved on the second lap to take second place while Graham Cope, playing with Ian after some guys dropped out of the competition, reversed Ian's 'balance' to start strongly but fall away second half.

As the season draws to a close it's now appropriate to mention the Summer Stableford competition which has been running throughout the year. Building on the success of last winter's 'trial' competition, more than 20 players signed up to participate with their ten best Stableford rounds to count before matchplay semis and final decide the winner.

There is good competition this time round with at least eight players in contention for the prizes. It is the committee's intention to further develop the format for play throughout this coming  winter so players/members should either check the noticeboard in the clubhouse or consult the requisite social-media platform for more detailed information.


Sat 22nd Sept/Sun 23rd Sept Black & White Shield.

Cat 1 (0-12)

1) J.A.Macleod 72(11) nett 61,

2) I.Douglas 71(7) 64,

3) A.Munro 76(8)68.

Cat 2 (13-28)

1) D.MacPhee 85(20) nett 65,

2) I.Marr 91(22) 69,

3) G.Cope 86(13) 73.

New Golf Rules!

October 02, 2018

Want to know all about the new rules of golf being introduced from 1st January 2019? Then check out the new page in our "Rules and Stuff" section.

Late season "Opens"

October 02, 2018

A couple of invitations that may interest our members have arrived from the following clubs:


Fortrose & Rosemarkie GC - Sunday 14th October 2018: Gents' 18 hole Stroke Play Open (£15) - enter online here.

Torvean GC - Sunday 21st October 2018. Open Invitational. 4 person team, no entry fee.

"Come along and say goodbye to the course pending the arrival of the "King's Course" next season. (See notice in IOSGC clubhouse.) 

Rainbows and Kestrels

September 29, 2018

Just another autumn day at the golf club.

The seemingly never-ending series of rainbows continued today, and our resident kestrel was again joined by a second kestrel. They both seem keen to have our course as part of their territory!

Competition News by John Marshall

September 23, 2018

In collating information for this column the descriptors regarding competitor numbers are starting to resemble large-scale catering more than golf as 'handfuls' appears to be the most appropriate currency of choice.

Yet again two 'greyhounds' managed to race round the course in the Friday evening slot - one with good success and the other not! Saturday morning dawned as a lovely day but little more than a handful appeared and the Sunday tee-times failed to attract any interest whatsoever. As a non-playing observer on Saturday it was strange to see the players grubbing about in the bottom of their golf bags for midge spray. The consensus was that morning's infestation was the worst it had been all season - one player played all 18 holes of the competition in a midge hood!

Small numbers then but young Archie Macaskill was 'at it' again with 36 and 38 strokes translating to a winning total of 41 Stableford points. One of the Friday sprinters, David Maclean, came close with two good nines of 38 and 39 including a birdie on the opening hole of each 'nine', and Andy Pendry waltzed round in 39 and 34 strokes with a very strong birdie, birdie finish to register 38pts.

Perhaps the following day's weather conditions weren't too attractive to our end of season golfers as not only did no men turn out to play but the ladies also failed to make an appearance in the club competition although a trio had invaded the mainland for a Ladies Open competition but sadly, on this occasion, without success.

Storm Ali left his mark midweek too with both the ladies and the gents fixtures unable to proceed as the course was unplayable. There are scheduled ladies midweek competitions for a few weeks yet but the gents' only chance now for a competitive 'fix' will be the few remaining weekend fixtures.



Fri 14th/Sat 15th Sept, Stableford.

1) A.Macaskill 41pts,

2) D.Maclean 40pts ,

3) A.Pendry 38pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

September 16, 2018

On a glorious autumnal Saturday morning a good number of trinal teams gathered at the Isle of Skye golf club's Sconser course to participate in the Talisker Scramble competition. Surprisingly,on this occasion each player was only required to submit a minimum of three tee shots for inclusion in the team score whereas in previous scrambles one in particular comes to mind where a minimum of five shots was required from each player thus increasing the pressure on each team member quite dramatically. Handicaps for this competition were determined by dividing the total team handicaps by ten.

The ternion had to contend with very heavy dew on the greens early on but warm and very welcome sunshine soon restored the putting surfaces to normal as battle duly commenced. For some unknown reason teams have to be named so let the record show that The Amigos edged out the The Young Team - wouldn't get away with that appellation in the 'Dear Green Place' - thus relegating The Autocrats to the bronze medal position. 


The Amigos team of Andy Pendry, Ian Douglas and John Allan Macleod managed nine birdies (but unforgivably one bogey) in their winning score of 56.4 off a 2.6 handicap. Four 'twos' on the short holes were probably a highlight for their team. The Young Team with Angus Macdonald, Dan Macdonald and Ryan Macaskill recorded seven birdies in an 'unblemished' card for a total of 57.3 off a 2.7 handicap. The Autocrats, who were Willie Cowie, John Finlayson and Phil McCaherty, shot four birdies for their score of 59.2 off a 3.8 handicap.

Sadly, it was a different story 24hrs later when only a small number of players made the effort to compete for the Tourist Trophy. Hardly surprising really as heavy, squally showers battered the course on and off for most of the day. Apparently conditions were nice 'between the showers' but the small number of players and the relatively poor scores bear testament to a thoroughly nasty experience for the hardy participants. However as a famous man once said,"you can only beat what's put in front of you" and Robert Macaskill duly delivered with 34pts being good enough to win the competition by a single point with David Maclean and James Colven occupying second and third places respectively, the former finishing strongly whereas the latter, by his own honest admission, having a bit of a meltdown on the final four holes!


Robbie's two sons had thrown down the family gauntlet in the preceding two weekends so 'dad' had to buckle down to produce the goods and he did so - albeit with nothing to spare. It's difficult to quantify the individual scoring performances as not one single player was able to record a score for all eighteen holes.The Stableford format however allowed the calculation to be done on holes completed.

Sharing the horrible conditions to play their monthly 'medal' competition a tetrad of ladies started off no doubt full of hope and expectation but the intensity of the showers resulted in a couple of the players declaring "enough" as they headed briskly to the warm and dry sanctuary of the clubhouse at half time. They failed to reappear to conclude their rounds and one can understand why. Golf after all is supposed to be fun. Donalda Johnston and Jill Mackinnon, however, kept going and although their medal scores were high they completed the task in hand with the former easing to victory by three shots.

Sadly the weather prevented any play in the ladies midweek competition but a handful of men managed to play their bogey competition between the showers on Wednesday afternoon. As previously mentioned these 'reduced fields' don't always reflect a great standard of play but where a meritorious performance occurs due heed must be paid. Once again the recipient of the credit is Ryan Macaskill who, despite some mid-season hiccups, has come on to a strong game as the season draws to a close. A few weeks ago he equalled Alex Munro's season-low round of 66 and he did so again in a format that's a very welcome change to the rather dull continuous diet of medal and Stableford competitions. In a 'bogey' the golfer plays matchplay against the course and will end up being 'up or down' depending on performance. A score of +2 or 'two-up' is considered to be playing to one's handicap round the Sconser track so Ryan's score of +8 not only smashed his handicap but reduced the 'field' to rubble. Robert Macaskill finished +2 so right on his handicap mark for the runner-up spot. Ryan's two 'nines' were 33/33 with three birdies so two early bogeys must have shaken him into sustained and prolonged action! Robert started with a 'bird' and completed his outward half in 38 but the wheels came off a bit coming home with 41 shots required. Apparently the participants enjoyed this different playing format so maybe the 'high heid yins' could consider more competitions in this format for inclusion in both the ladies and the gents fixture lists for the coming season?



Sat 8th Sept,Talisker Scramble.

1) The Amigos - A.Pendry, I.Douglas and J.A.Macleod  56.4 ,

2) The Young Team - A.Macdonald, D.Macdonald and R.Macaskill 57.3,

3) The Autocrats-W.Cowie, J.Finlayson and P.McCaherty 59.2. 

Sun 9th Sept,Tourist Trophy.

1) R.Macaskill 34pts,

2) D.Maclean 33pts b.i.h,

3) J.Colven 33pts.

Wed 12th Sept,Bogey.


1) Ryan Macaskill +8,

2) Robert Macaskill +2.


Sun 9th Sept,Monthly Medal.


1) D.Johnston 91(19) nett 72,

2) J.Mackinnon 95(20) 75.

Competition News by John Marshall

September 09, 2018

With the golfing season at Sconser moving into its final phase, daylight and the ever changeable weather are becoming significant factors. The recent 'monthly medal' attracted only a couple of handfuls of players to participate.

One can now discount the Friday evening slot so those players still determined to get their weekly 'fix' must focus exclusively on the weekend tee-time opportunities.

John Allan Macleod, using his seafaring,meteorological knowledge to assess the optimum 'slot' in which to parade his golfing skills, opted for Saturday afternoon and his comfortable winning score would seem to support his shrewd assessment of the situation. The old salt's two steady if unspectacular 'nines' of 36 and 37 translated into a nett 61 and victory by a very comfortable five shots.

Also playing on the Saturday but selecting the morning tee time, Donnie MacPhee secured yet another podium position with 45/41 for the best of the three 66s submitted for perusal. Ross Cumming with 43/42 took third place while afternoon competitor James Colven, 44/43, concluded the chasing pack on the same score.

When Sunday morning dawned only two hardy souls chanced their hand in the men's competition - sadly without any luck - while some of the young guns, who had assembled at the course with the intent to compete, decided that conditions were incompatible with producing a good score let alone trying to chase down the previous day's 61 - so decided to quit on the stool!

Later that morning, and to their great credit, two members of the fairer sex brushed past the ambivalent youngsters en route to their first tee prior to commencing their own competitive round for the day! The competition was the sixth and final qualifying round for the ladies club championship. Although, yet again, there was only a brace of competitors they managed to complete their round interrupted on several occasions by having to reassemble their golf bags and trolleys which kept getting blown over in the very, very strong wind. The gale was the winner on the day but the runner-up was Jill Mackinnon whose nett score of 77 was just too good for fellow combatant Ann Jagger.

With all of the qualifying rounds completed Jill Mackinnon will play Donalda Johnston to decide the 'scratch' winner and Ann Jagger will play Sandra Dew to decide the 'handicap' winner.

Fast forward 24hrs and the old boys were on the tee for their monthly Stableford competition. Once more there weren't many in the 'field' but George Neill's respectable haul of 35pts was too good for the rest with only Dave Watson's total of 30pts coming anywhere near to challenging the victor.

Skip on another 24 hours and the ladies were on duty again. Once more it was a duo and this time Ann Jagger was to mount the winner's rostrum with her total of 25pts being just too good for her playing companion Sandra Neill.

The men's midweek medal failed to attract any players for the morning slot - pity, as conditions were good for play while apparently there was rain all around. The heavens opened mid-afternoon when there were no competitors, but four took advantage of a decent evening and made the effort to skip round in the 5pm slot. The scoring was modest in the extreme but Dan Macdonald was the best of the quartet with 42/34 for a nett 68. The only other player to record a score was Archie Macaskill with 44/40 for a 72. The remaining diadic corrivals failed to complete their scorecards.

Although the season is fast reaching its conclusion there are still some big competitions on the horizon. First up is the Talisker Scramble - a fun event for teams of three and in long-standing gratitude to our very well-established sponsor the players can always be relied upon to support this event. The Tourist Trophy is up for grabs the following day so one hopes the recent poor attendances can be, at least temporarily, arrested to support these two popular events.

Finally, another word of praise for our unofficial, young golfing ambassador, Archie Macaskill. He recently played in an Open competition at Hopeman GC where he did very well to finish in third position in Category One. His score was 81(12) nett 69 which was two shots below the CSS for the day so once again he managed to reduce his handicap in an 'away' game. This wasn't a junior competition - there were 80 men competing in his category!



Sat 1st/Sun 2nd September, Monthly Medal.

1) J.A.Macleod 73(12) nett 61,

2) D.MacPhee 86(20) 66 b.i.h,

3) R.Cumming 85(19) 66 b.i.h,

4) J.Colven 87(21) 66.

Mon 3rd September, Seniors Monthly Stableford.

1) G.Neill 35pts,

2) D.Watson 30pts.

Wed 5th September, Medal.

1)D.Macdonald 76(8) nett 68,

2) A.Macaskill 84(12)72.


Sun 2nd September, Ladies Champ #6.

1) J.Mackinnon 97(20) nett 77,

2) A.Jagger 115(36) 79.

Tues 4th September, Glamaig Stableford.

1) A.Jagger 25pts,

2) S.Neill 22pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

September 02, 2018

Like the Benford Cup the previous weekend, the winner of the Marie Curie Shield was basically decided on the play of one single day - because of the increasingly uncertain weather conditions - but what a day it was with three players tied on an excellent handicap-breaking total of 43pts.

Another encouragingly large turnout saw a two-tee start to accommodate the competitors and play was of a decidedly high standard. Archie Macaskill's two 'halves' were 39 and 34. Once again it was off to a rocky start for the youngster but he's made of strong stuff and recovered very well to shoot nine straight pars on the inward nine.

Chris Hanley's 'numbers' were 37 and 33,steady going out and two birdies coming home while Ian Marr, off a higher 'mark', stumbled off the first tee with a very shaky first few holes before regaining some style and great composure to put an excellent score - 42/41 - together.


However, it was a Stableford competition and when the points conversion took place Archie's haul was 19+24 pts as was Chris's.  Ian weighed in with 21+22pts meaning that he was eliminated from the final reckoning as the other pair had more points for the 'back nine' and that's where the decisions are made. Consequently the 'better back nine' forensic examination kicked into play with the implementation of a well-established quadripartite procedure - as recommended by the R&A - but those consulted were still unable to separate the two combatants. Following further prolonged research and deliberation the competition was declared to be a tie between Archie and Chris so the Marie Curie Shield,on this occasion will be shared between them. This was an unprecedented investigation with even some of the sages scratching their collective heads in trying to remember if anything like this had ever happened at Sconser before. 

James Colven's fine total of 42pts deserves mention too as it arrests a long run of almost automatic handicap increases for him. Perhaps now that he's halted the steady 'decline' in performance we can expect a return to his previous good run of form.

The gents' midweek competition saw the morning guys play in good conditions while the afternoon players had to contend with very heavy,blustery showers. The evening cohort got a bit of both! Neil Macfarlane played the best golf on the day with 36 shots required for the outward half but a miserly, three-birdie 34 coming home resulting in 41pts and a well deserved victory. Runner-up was Robert 'Daddy' Macaskill, striving to maintain his position in the family household following number one son Ryan's fine victory and score in the Benford Cup and number two son Archie's joint success in winning a share of the Marie Curie Shield. No silverware on offer this time round but an astonishing two 'nines' of golf from the old boy! A massive 44 blows required to negotiate the first nine holes then a ten-shot improvement second time round resulting in a points total of 39. This type of mid-round transformation seems to be happening with increasing regularity, methinks there might be occasion for a steward's enquiry?! 


Also on 39pts were Willie Cowie and James Colven.The former lurched to 42 strokes 'going out' but discovered good form heading for the sanctuary of the clubhouse with only 34 blows required. James failed to record a score on one of the holes but his play was good enough elsewhere in the round to submit a decent 'return'.

According to both the gents and ladies fixture lists there are still quite a few competitions scheduled for the midweek slots but with daylight starting to fade the 6pm tee time is already a non-starter and the 5pm slot is likely to fall victim to rapidly fading light very soon. Then it'll just be the wasters and the beau monde - both male and female - who'll be able to participate in the remaining scheduled contests!

The ladies travelled to Lochcarron recently to play a match against their opposite numbers. Unfortunately other commitments meant a few late changes to the team and regrettably only four players were able to make the short trip.

As the home team,Lochcarron decided that since all six of their players had turned up they might as well all join in the 'fun' with their best four scores-from six-counting for the match so perhaps, unsurprisingly, the result was a fairly comfortable victory for the home side. Despite most donning their 'zoot-suits' prior to the commencement of play the overhead conditions stayed dry and fair and allowed all the players to share an enjoyable experience with the food and hospitality,as ever very much appreciated. The best points returns on the day for the hosts were Karen Starr's 33pts, Miriam Drysdale's 26pts and June Millar's 25pts while the visitors' top performers were Jill Mackinnon with 30pts and Donalda Johnston with 27pts.

Unlike the men's midweek fixture, continued nasty weather prevented any play at all and, like the men, the evening slot has succumbed to fading light for this season.



Fri 24th/Sat 25th Aug,Marie Curie Shield.

=1) A.Macaskill 43pts

=1) C.Hanley 43pts b.i.h,

3) I. Marr 43pts,

4) J.Colven 42pts.

Wed 29th Aug,Stableford

1) N.Macfarlane 41pts,

2) R.Macaskill 39pts b.i.h,

3) W Cowie 39pts b.i.h,

4) J.Colven 39pts.



Sun 26th Aug,Challenge Match.


Lochcarron Ladies 104pts

IOSGC Ladies            94pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

August 26, 2018

Weekend competitions can be a bit of a lottery weather-wise with a chef's selection of tee times available from 5pm Friday to 1pm Sunday in an effort to maximise participation in these events.


Playing for the two-category Benford Cup recently the much-prized, well-attended Friday evening slot drew a blank as a combination of wet and windy weather plus Runrig's farewell concert #1 both proved to be viable reasons for non-attendance on the golf course.


Fast forward to Saturday with a gale of wind blowing plus Runrig's farewell concert #2 and once again the competition entry sheet remained blank. It didn't take mastermind then to predict a cavalry charge on Sunday when, according to my sources, the scene round the clubhouse resembled Piccadilly Circus.


Following some 'confusion' with the draw, play eventually got under way and the day was to be a triumph for Ryan Macaskill. He's blown hot and cold recently but hinted that there was a 'game' there if only he could navigate his ball successfully for every single one of the 18 holes. He did so last weekend with a fantastic 'run' of seventeen straight pars then finished with a flourish - and a birdie - to tie the season low score of 66 which was set by Alex Munro just a few weeks ago.

Ryan was understandably delighted with his best ever return over the Sconser track and a goodly chunk was removed from his handicap too! However,as mentioned here recently it's been a season for good competition attendances and low scoring and with the recent recrudescence of moisture from the heavens the putting surfaces have, at long last, returned to somewhere near their former glory and the scores in this competition certainly reflect quality as no fewer than five players smashed their handicaps.


Returning to category one - for players with handicaps from 0-12 - Dan Macdonald and Ian Douglas both returned excellent gross scores of 69 but Dan, off 9, secured the runner-up spot over Ian, off an 8 handicap. Dan's two 'nines' were 35/34 with three birdies while Ian reversed Dan's numbers and weighed-in with a pair of 'bird's.

Good shooting too in the higher handicap section where Ross Cumming made a welcome return to the winner's circle with a fantastic nett 56. Donnie MacPhee signed for an excellent 59 and Archie Macaskill although some way off the hot pace these guys set finished with a decent 64 for third place. Ross' two nines were 38/39 while Donnie recorded a pair of 40's.Archie shot 39/38. Consider, though, the start all three players had - then congratulate them on their powers of recovery. Ross started 5,5,5, while Donnie started 5,6 as did Archie. 

Like the weekend competition, there was some confusion before play got under way in the Wednesday slot. On the club's fixtures websites there was conflicting information but thanks to an eleventh-hour, social media intervention, a Stableford competition was promulgated as the prescribed  format for the day.

Incidentally it was brought to my attention that the weekend 'Piccadilly Circus' competition titubated off as some kind of ragged 'scramble' - surely not for a medal or Stableford format where a maximum of two tees can be used to start competitions and thereafter holes must also be played in the correct order?

When the dust settled - and was dampened down with the occasional blustery showers that blew through all day long - John Marshall was declared to be the winner, albeit narrowly with a decidedly modest total of 38pts. One point behind were youngsters Archie Macaskill and Dan Macdonald, both signing for 37pts but the former took the runner-up spot on the stronger finish.

John had two steady if unspectacular halves of 19/19 pts while Archie and Dan's two nines were 20/17pts, the former finishing just a wee bit better than his good friend and regular adversary.

No such uncertainty though in the ladies section - apart from uncertain weather - as Donalda Johnston racked up yet another victory in the weekend medal competition. The margins of victory all seem to be really small here recently which would seem to indicate that competition is quite fierce and one stroke was enough for her to claim victory over her nearest competitor, Ann Jagger. The scoring was modest but 74 to 75 did the trick.

A few days later and Ann eased into the winner's circle when both she and her nearest rival both scored 29pts in the Glamaig Stableford but a stronger finish to her round saw her good friend Sandra Dew pushed into second place.

Rivalries need to be set aside here temporarily though as the return match v Lochcarron Ladies is imminent with the Skye passel taking a narrow 143-131 lead into the second and final match.






Sun 19th Aug, Benford Cup.




1) R.Macaskill 66(9) nett 57,

2) D.Macdonald 69(9) 60,

3) I.Douglas 69(8) 61.



1) R.Cumming 77(21) nett 56,

2) D.MacPhee 80(21) 59,

3) A.Macaskill 77(13) 64. 


Wed 22nd Aug, Stableford.


1) J.Marshall 38pts,

2) A.Macaskill 37pts b.i.h,

3) D.Macdonald 37pts.





Sun 19th Aug,Medal.


1) D.Johnston 93(19) nett 74,

2) Ann Jagger 111(36) 75.


Tues 21st Aug, Glamaig Stableford.


1) A.Jagger 29pts b.i.h,

2) S.Dew 29pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

August 19, 2018

The Ian Fullarton Trophy is one of the most coveted prizes in the Isle of Skye golf club fixture list and is named in memory of a gentleman who was a great driving force for the club in the years following its formation back in 1964.

Ian was also instrumental in getting quite a few of us 'old boys' now, but 'young men' back in the day, involved with the committee and consequently together we've helped to shape the club's development during the postliminary decades.

Ian was Club Treasurer for many years and every year at the AGM when, as ever, he was proposed for re-election to the post it would always be -"one more year then I'm definitely giving it up". Suffice to say that routine was performed many,many times-to the club's great benefit.


The most recent playing of 'his' competition resulted in a very close finish with Kyle Pirie just breasting the tape in front of a posse of close pursuers. Kyle's two 'halves' of 38/37 translated into a Stableford points breakdown of 20/21pts to achieve his winning score. Consequently he pipped Stephen Coull by virtue of the 'dreaded' better inward half though on this occasion it was an even tighter finish with both players recording 20/21 points totals. Kyle's last few holes were just slightly better. One feels sympathy for Stephen though as his two 'halves' of 40/39 are very respectable off a 17 handicap but having occupied a ringside seat for his 'round', to see him finish with a triple-bogey 7 was very sad indeed.

Three players finished one single point in arrears but Ryan Macaskill showed a welcome and long overdue return to form to nick third place with a couple of unusually asymmetrical 'nines' of 39/34 translating into 17/23pts with a very,very strong finish indeed. David Maclean maintained his recent good form also signing for 40pts although he failed to register a score on two holes - what might have been! 

John Marshall completed the trio of the 'nearly-men' on 40pts with his numbers being 37/39 for 21/19pts. Ian Fullarton would have delighted in the tight finish and would have applauded a worthy winner.


The gents' midweek competition was a medal but sadly it was to be severely weather-affected. Menage Macaskill descended on the course for the morning tee time but as the conditions rapidly deteriorated they were to be the only participants on the day. Let the record show that 'dad' won with a 65, wee brother Archie came next with 68 but big brother Ryan,despite a cracking first nine holes - 33 shots- ended up with a 'no-return' on his card.

The ladies weekend competition was a very close-run affair between the winner and the proxime accessit with the other participants some way off the pace on this occasion. Donalda Johnston continues to dominate the ladies section this year and two halves of 43/40 in this medal competition was just enough to ease her to victory over Jill Mackinnon. Donalda's inward half started off 3,4 (birdie, par) surely encouraging her to stick to the day's task and record a nett 64 and nip another wee bit of the handicap. Jill's round followed a similar pattern with 44/41 delivered to land spot on her particular handicap.

Two days later the ladies came out to play again but whereas Sunday had been a good day for scoring Tuesday was a shocker with a strong gusty wind, some rain showers and a chilly temperature. Actually the conditions were so poor that the competitors were the only players on the course! The Dun Caan Stableford competition then was mainly a battle against the elements and the elements were victorious as the scoring, though very tight, was very much weather-affected. It couldn't have been any tighter in fact with the weekend's 'deadly duo' head-to-head again with both players scoring 28pts and yet again it was to be Donalda 'on top'. If you don't buy a ticket, so the story goes, you have no chance in the raffle so, like Donnie MacPhee in the men's section, Jill's time as near, oh so near must surely come to an end and I'm sure even Donalda wouldn't begrudge her long-time adversary a run into the gold medal position!



Fri 10th-Sun 12th Aug,Ian Fullarton Trophy.

1) K.Pirie 41pts b.i.h,

2) S.Coull 41pts,

3) R.Macaskill 40pts b.i.h,

4) D.Maclean 40pts b.i.h,

5) J.Marshall 40pts.

Wed 15th Aug,Medal.

1) Robert.Macaskill 79(14) 65,

2) A.Macaskill 81(13)68.


Sun 12th Aug,Monthly Medal.

1) D.Johnston 83(19) 64,

2) J.Mackinnon 85(20) 65.

Tues 14th Aug,Dun Caan Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 28pts b.i.h,

2) J.Mackinnon 28pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

August 12, 2018

The August Monthly Medal was a close run affair with three players tied on a good score of 63. The winner though was Martin Bird who edged out both John Allan Macleod and Robert Macaskill by virtue of his 'stronger finish'.


Playing on a blustery Saturday morning as part of a very small field, Martin's outward half gave no hint of what was about to occur after the turn when a blistering total of only 34 shots was required to navigate himself to the narrowest of victories. That constitutes a seven-shot improvement 'second time round' for playing basically the same holes.


Competing with a much larger group on the increasingly popular and well-attended Friday evening slot, runner-up John Allan appeared to be dueting with Martin, both players sharing the same songsheet as he too laboured to 40 'out'- before also refocusing on the task at hand to return a 35-shot inward half. Robbie Macaskill, however, declined the offer to make it a trio of songsters because his score went in the other direction, requiring only 37 shots for the outward half before hanging on a wee bit with 41 blows required to complete his scorecard.

Once again, spare a thought for unlucky Donald MacPhee who has been there or thereabouts in just about every competition recently but seems doomed to be ever the bridesmaid and never the bride. No-one will begrudge him victory when surely it comes. Halves of 41/44 off his  21 'mark' saw him finish yet again just outside the prize list.

Andrew Long's tenacity deserves a mention too as the 7-handicapper required, by his standards, a miserable 40 shots to negotiate his outward nine before the fireworks began with a three-birdie inward nine needing only 32 shots -including a bogey 5 on the final hole - which saw him finish with an entirely respectable points haul. At 'half-time' that would have seemed a long way off.

A couple of days later and Martin Bird was strutting his stuff again but this time he was in company with the 'old boys' in their isochronal Senior's Stableford competition.

Unfortunately the rather miserable weekend weather had filtered into Monday so the scoring,in difficult conditions was somewhat less than spectacular. Only a handful braved the elements but Martin's modest score of 34pts was way too good for his fellow combatants with only George Neill's total of 28pts mounting any kind of challenge.

The ladies suffered weather-wise too, with the weekend fixture proving to be less than attractive to the 'fairer sex', but a few made the effort for the Tuesday Stableford competition where Donalda Johnston was to take the headlines with yet another victory. However, on this occasion it was a very tight finish with the first three past the post separated by a single point. In difficult conditions Donalda's 'modest' total of 27 pts was just enough to edge her ahead of Sandra Neill and Ann Jagger in a photo finish for runner-up, with Sandra's b.i.h. sneaking her ahead of Ann, both ladies having returned 26pt totals.



Fri 3rd-Sun 5th August,Monthly Medal.

1) M.Bird 75(12) nett 63 b.i.h,

2) J.A.Macleod 75(12) nett 63 b.i.h,

3) R.Macaskill 78(15) nett 63,

4) D.MacPhee 85(21) nett 64.

Mon 6th August,Senior's Monthly Stableford.

1) M.Bird 34pts,

2) G.Neill 28pts.


Tues 7th August,Glamaig Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 27pts,

2) S.Neill 26pts b.i.h,

3) A.Jagger 26pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

July 29, 2018

Alex Munro - take a bow.


On Wednesday 27th June Neil Macfarlane returned the lowest score of the season to date, a gross 68, and the challenge to better it was laid down. Four weeks later Alex has returned a magnificent 66 to set the bar just a wee bit higher for the others to try to follow in what remains of the season.


No surprise then that when his score, in the first of two rounds of the Dewar Rosebowl, was converted to Stableford points his magnificent winning total was 46pts. That would,in normal circumstances have won easily but club captain Kenny Macleod gave him a decent challenge with a fine haul of 43pts. Not to be outdone Donald Bethune returned to the competitive fray following a brief spell away to secure third place a single point in arrears with aforesaid Neil Macfarlane also submitting a good return.

Week after week outstanding scores are being submitted and after a decent gap it was Alex's turn to be in the spotlight.

Three birdies in an outward nine of 32 is very, very good shooting and he consolidated the season's low round,to date with a comfortable 34 coming home - adding one further birdie to his collection.

'Captain Kenny' also registered an estimable performance with 36/37 - off a higher handicap - but with a couple of birdies. Donald, also off a slightly higher 'mark', started well - 39/42 - and maintained his momentum while Neil Macfarlane, like Alex, pocketed four birdies.

Handicaps consequently came tumbling down, the winner reducing from 8.7 to 7.5.

The scoring in difficult hard and bouncy conditions this season has been truly remarkable as has the men's competition attendance figures which must be setting some kind of record.

One detects quite a healthy buzz in the club these last few months too, a feeling that the committee must surely work hard to recognise, maintain, nurture and develop. Perhaps with things on an upswing now would be a good time to encourage new 'faces' to step forward and offer their services to the committee either by joining them in running the club or offering to help in areas where the club might require some assistance. We've all 'taken out' but how many have 'put back'?

A few days earlier the July Monthly Medal resulted in yet another victory and three in a row for John Allan Macleod whose excellent gross 71, off a 13 handicap, blew the field away and resulted in yet another handicap reduction.

Great stuff! It's been a great run from the 'returnee' who, in the space of these three competitions, has reduced his handicap from 14.3 to a more realistic 11.4.

Runner up in the medal, yet again, was Donald MacPhee with a fine nett 62. On that points total he edged out Ian Douglas, courtesy of the b.i.h, and Andy Pendry too deserves recognition for a good score of 63. J.A.'s two nines were 36/35 but a triple bogey on the antepenultimate hole forced him to pull out all the stops resulting in a birdie, birdie finish! Donnie laboured a bit early doors but a solid 39 home ensured another competent return. Ian Douglas notched another three birdies in two nines of 34/36 whereas Andy simply returned his score 'on the mark' with 36/35.

Incidentally, for the first time in ages the weather was a factor in the competition with no combatants present for the Friday foray and only two hardy souls on a nasty Sunday afternoon.They decided to throw in the towel early and retreat to the sanctuary of home, there to watch the magnificent 'Molinari-the-younger' look his playing companion for the day, one Mr T Woods, straight in the eye and 'take him down' with colossal composure as he entered the hallowed corridors of golf's hall of fame as both the Champion Golfer of the Year and the Open Champion.

Wisely, considering the conditions, the ladies opted to stay at home presumably also preferring to watch the Open on TV rather than battle the nasty elements which were sweeping across Sconser's brown and slick fairways. Consequently they only played one competitive round last week when Donalda Johnston got the better of Jill Mackinnon in the Tuesday Stableford competition, the former scoring 31pts to the latter's total of 23. It must have felt like 'days of yore' when only this particular brace of stalwarts competed regularly.

Finally,there's hardly a week goes by now without one of our members 'flying the flag' on the mainland golf circuit .

Playing in the North District Boys Championship at Inverness GC, Dan Macdonald took second place in the handicap division. The championship is played over 36 holes and Dan did well to recover from a dodgy morning round to shave 11 shots off that score in the afternoon - good determination there. Thirty boys participated with 12 players having Category One handicaps. The holy grail, handicap reduction kicked in here too as, like Archie Macaskill a few weeks ago at Fortrose GC, Dan reduced his handicap in an 'away' fixture from 9.5 to 8.7. Very well played young man.




Weekend Fri 20th July - Sun 22nd July, Monthly Medal.

1)J.A.Macleod 71(13) nett 58,

2) D.MacPhee 83(21) nett 62 b.i.h,

3) I.Douglas 70(8) nett 62,

4) A.Pendry 71(8) nett 63.

Wed 25th July,Dewar Rosebowl Round One.

1) A.Munro 46pts,

2) K.Macleod 43pts,

3) D.Bethune 42pts,

4) N.Macfarlane 40pts.


Tues 24th July,Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 31pts,

2) J.Mackinnon 23pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

July 22, 2018

After the buzz of two 'Opens' and the semis and final of the Club Championship, things have quietened down at Sconser. 


The men recently played for the Alpha and Sconser trophies in a two-category handicap competition and Isle of Skye Open Champion Murdo Gordon continued his recent good form to win the Alpha Trophy and nick another wee bit off his handicap. His well-crafted score of 62 was too good for most but Ian Douglas ran him close with a respectable 64. Some way off the pace but in third place was Neil Macfarlane.


The Sconser Trophy was a triumph for Kyle's John Allan Macleod who 'turned to' and launched a handicap-shattering score of 58 - seven shots below the calculated Standard Scratch for the competition on that day. Having only recently returned to the game following an enforced three year layoff, he's certainly settled into his old ways so look for him to consolidate before further reducing his handicap so it accurately reflects his playing ability. Runner up, Gillies Nicholson, recovered well from a 6,6,6 start to register a decent score, while Donnie MacPhee took a troublesome 50 blows for the first nine holes before redressing the balance somewhat with a fine second nine that required a full ten strokes less - good effort there.


A few days later and the John Allan did it again, narrowly winning the very well attended Wednesday medal competition. Donnie MacPhee again ran him close though only losing out to John Allan's 'better back nine', both players requiring only 63 (nett) strokes to achieve their task on the day.


One shot behind was Ian Marr, still revelling in his 'new' high handicap but he too only secured his position courtesy of the better inward half as Neil Macfarlane and Robbie Macaskill also shared the same score. Whereas the makeup of JA's 'return' was comparatively dull - as was Donnie's and Robbie's - Ian Marr's two 'nines' were 50/37 - what happened at half time: do we require a steward's enquiry?

Neil Macfarlane also submitted an unusual 'card', one which contained fifteen pars and three bogeys.


The ladies were also active this week and in both competitions Sandra Dew kept up her recent record of dominating performances, although this week she took the honours in both competitions by the narrowest of margins on both occasions. In the strokeplay competition her good score was a single stroke in advance of Jill Mackinnon and two days later in the stableford competition she finished a single point ahead of Ann Jagger.


Our travelling golfers continue to make news. This time recently crowned club champion Chris Hanley wandered over to try his luck at the Lochcarron Open and won the scratch competition with a gross score of 63 for a one shot victory over a strong field which contained a sprinkling of 'lowish-handicap' mainland golfers-including a '+1' player!


NB unlike our handicap results where the handicap is deducted from the gross total, a '+' player (a very good one!) shoots his score and in this case adds one shot on!


Archie Macaskill was recently selected to play for the SGU North District versus their counterparts from the North East at U14 level. Partnering a player from Elgin GC they narrowly lost their foursome match by one single hole - so near and yet so far.

In his afternoon singles match versus a player from Newmachar GC who, on paper, was playing off half of Archie's handicap he held his own for the first nine but superior class and experience allowed his opponent to ease away to a comfortable victory on the inward 'nine'. Nevertheless 'our' player revelled in the experience and will be a good bit wiser next time round now that he knows what type of challenge he'll have to accept and overcome to improve as a competitive golfer.


Very well done to both players for keeping the flag flying for the Isle of Skye Golf Club in Highland golfing circles .



Gent's Section.


Fri 13th-Sun 15th July, Alpha and Sconser Trophies.


Alpha Trophy (0-12)


1) M.Gordon       70(8) nett 62,

2) I. Douglas       72(8) nett 64,

3) N.Macfarlane 77(7) nett 70.


Sconser Trophy (13-28)


1) J.A.Macleod 73(14) nett 59,

2) G. Nicolson  86(20) nett 66,

3)  D.MacPhee 90(21) nett 69.


Wednesday 18th July, Medal.


1) J.A.Macleod   76(13) nett 63 b.i.h.,

2) D.MacPhee     84(21) nett 63,

3) I.Marr              87(23) nett 64 b.i.h.,

4) N.Macfarlane 71(7)   nett 64 b.i.h,

5) R.Macaskill    79(15) nett 64.

Ladies Section.

Sun 15th July, Strokeplay.

1) S.Dew          102(33) nett 69,

2) J.Mackinnon 90(20) nett 70.

Tues 17th July, Glamaig Stableford.

1) S.Dew 30pts,

2) A.Jagger 29pts.

Congratulations Francesco Molinari!

July 21, 2018

Under extreme pressure, one man stood firm and held his nerve while those around him fell away. Sixteen pars and a couple of late birdies on a tough track, in a sometimes difficult breeze, against a host of top players, young and not so young... just an awesome performance from a golfer who fully deserves our congratulations. Well done Francesco!


July 18, 2018

Please note that the Stableford scheduled for the weekend of 21st / 22nd July will, in fact, be the July Monthly Medal. Normally our monthly medal is held over the first weekend of the month but, of course, the Skye Open occupied that weekend this month. Apologies for any confusion caused by this oversight!

Competition News by John Marshall

July 15, 2018

The day of the much-anticipated Skye Open dawned and with still no rain and a decent breeze operational for most of the day the competitors faced a stiff task in trying to keep control of their ball on the brown, bare and sun-baked fairways - can't believe I've actually written these words!


These extremely unfamiliar conditions resulted in several 'incidents' where a ball from the group playing behind 'went through' the group in front leading to the occasional exchange of opinions on the matter.

NB: this 'practice' is universally frowned upon as contrary to the etiquette of the game. Thankfully most if not all those 'exchanges' were in the main amicably resolved. The long shots were simply running and running in conditions rarely experienced on the Sconser track.


Master of the conditions on the day and as a result this year's Skye Open Champion was Murdo Gordon from the home club. Although his score was not exceptional his 70 well-controlled blows were sufficient to take the honours by a single stroke from regular visitor James MacDonald playing out of the Elderslie Golf Club near Paisley. James has Skye connections with his grandfather and ex club steward, Murdo Macdonald, still resident in Braes. Iain Douglas,also from the home club took third place a further two shots in arrears. Coincidentally Iain, son of well-known Skye musician Blair Douglas, also hails from the Braes area so a good day for that township!

In Category One of the handicap division (for players with 'lower' handicaps) there were a couple of dazzling performances (dazzling, but the best is yet to come) from young Daniel Macdonald and Chris Hanley who both returned gross 71s off 11 handicaps for nett scores of 60. Daniel was to edge Chris for the trophy courtesy of the better inward half which in fact came down to the youngster having a birdie 3 on the final hole while Chris took 5 shots there.

Both players beat their handicaps. Several shots in arrears but in third place was regular and very welcome visitor John Macmillan representing Traigh Golf Club.

Fireworks though in the ever-volatile Category Two handicap division where 'returnee' David Maclean, from Sconser, produced a sensational gross score of 73 - equal to some 'scratch' scores - and with a 15 handicap he signed for a nett 58 which was a full six shots better than his handicap would suggest he was capable of.

Having perused the previous prizewinning scores, none comes even close to his 'run' from the 5th, where in the next 9 holes he recorded SEVEN threes ,FOUR of which were birdies. Remarkable,truly remarkable!

As a postscript it should be noted that a few days prior to the competition David fell from a roof whilst going about his daily tasks - don't think that kind of preparation is to be advised though! Steven Coull was runner up with a fine birdie 3 on the final hole thereby edging out Kyle Pirie on the better inward half - Kyle had a par 4 on the last hole and all three players had the satisfaction of reducing their handicaps.

The ladies also came out to play and as usual the scratch prize went to Lochcarron Golf Club's Karen Starr. She plays off a 10 handicap so her gross 69 was way too good for the rest of the field. Her fellow clubmate, Miriam Drysdale, took the handicap prize with the home club's Sandra Dew completing the prizelist. Miriam was also to triumph in the  ladies 'nearest the pin' competition on a short par 3 hole but she rather rubbed-it-in a wee bit by actually holing out in one single stroke!

It's been a good spell for Skye golf recently what with the brilliant weather, fantastic views, the course in competition trim and over one hundred players participating in the two recent Opens - and the scoring hasn't been too shabby either!

Following the excitement of The Open it was a return to 'auld claes and parritch' for the midweek competitions and the ladies got the first 'go' with a Tuesday Stableford competition.

Donalda Johnston returned to form following a very minor hiccup with a winning total of 34pts. Challenging for second place were good friends Sandra Dew and Ann Jagger but it was the former who secured the runner-up spot courtesy of the better inward half.

One day later the gents played the fourth and final round of the Strath Cup where the best three scores over the period are counted. On the day it was Ian Marr who topped the pile by virtue of the better inward half from Ryan Macaskill with wee brother Archie in the prizelist again one single point behind.

Players always forget the good/lucky breaks they experience early in their rounds so it's always a tale of woe on the last hole. Although Ian bogeyed the par four 18th, Ryan lost his ball and failed to score so-game over!

Ian was also declared to be the winner of this year's  Strath Trophy,his best 'three from four round'  total of 120pts beating Lou Gordon's excellent total of 118.

Finally the Club Championship finals were played last week. In the blue riband scratch event Chris Hanley overcame the challenge of Ian Douglas to take the coveted title. Both players had acquitted themselves admirably in the Open so it looked like 'game on'. Ian took an early lead but good play from Chris plus some unsettling drizzle for his bespectacled opponent saw things back to 'peels' by halfway.The weather continued to play its part in hampering spectacular performance but Chris took the lead midway through the 'back' nine and held on to deservedly win by 2&1.

"I think I just got jammy" (not a quote from Chris, although in both the semi and the final he admitted to a goodly helping of good fortune) was said by recent Irish Open winner Russell Knox which just proves that it really doesn't matter at what level of the game you play, a bit of luck/good fortune will always be welcome! Chris is a worthy champion.

In the handicap final Ross Cumming took on the challenge of Robert Macaskill and it was the latter who took the early initiative by racing into a four hole lead. Dogged, determined play - 'bouncebackability' (as we hear frequently from our American 'cousins' in their golf telecasts) - from Ross though brought the margin back to just one hole down with one to play. The final hole was halved so Robert Macaskill is the Club Handicap Champion.


Gents Section.

Saturday 7th July,Isle of Skye Open.


1) M.Gordon 70,

2) J.Macdonald 71,

3) I.Douglas 73.

Handicap,Category One (0-12)

1) D.Macdonald 71(11) nett 60 b.i.h.,

2) C.Hanley 71(11) nett 60,

3) J.Macmillan 77(11) nett 66.

Handicap,Category Two (13-28)

1) D.Maclean 73(15) nett 58,

2) S.Coull 79(18) nett 61 b.i.h.,

3) K.Pirie 74(13) nett 61.


Wed 11th July,Strath Cup #4.


1) I.Marr 38pts b.i.h.,

2) R.Macaskill 38pts,

3) A.Macaskill 37pts.

Ladies Section.

Saturday 7th July,Isle of Skye Open.


1) K.Starr 79.


1) M.Drysdale 105(36) nett 69,

2) S.Dew 105(33) nett 72.

Tues 10th July,Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 34pts,

2) S.Dew 30pts b.i.h.,

3) A.Jagger 30pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

July 08, 2018

The week leading up to the Skye Open was a quieter one at the Isle of Skye Golf Club.


The ladies were first in to bat and it was to be eight wins in a row for Donalda Johnston. This time she didn't hang around her handicap - she smashed it by five shots and has surely laid down a challenge to her fellow competitors.

The First Minister's Quaich was the prize on offer so a gross 80 - off a 20 handicap - saw her 'reduced' to 18.5 where she overtook Jill Mackinnon as the long-time ladies 'low' player. An excellent 38 on the outward half laid the foundation for her score as she then coasted home. Not to be too outdone Jill responded on the day by returning to something like her proper form, following a wee spell in the wilderness, by submitting an eminently respectable nett score of 66.

Two days later and the ladies went into battle again and at long last Donalda's superb winning streak was halted - by long time rival and fellow 'stalwart' Jill Mackinnon with a very good score of 37pts in the Glamaig Stableford competition. It would have been hard going for Jill as she staggered through her first nine holes but a splendid second nine requiring but 39 blows saw her yet again finish right on her handicap 'mark'. Bubble burst then, but probably welcome relief too for Donalda. Sandra Dew nipped in for second place with 34 solid points and Donalda completed the winning trio a further point behind.


As is the case in the men's section of the Open, because of prior commitments not all the ladies are able to compete but nevertheless good luck to those who can.


The Gent's weekend Stableford competition was again a well-attended event - how satisfying it must be for the 'new' committee to see this upward trend continuing, with all the prizewinners coming from the Saturday groups. Stephen Coull took the honours with an excellent score of 42pts, followed closely by Robbie Weir with Graham Cope in third place and Archie Macaskill fourth. Some different names on the prizelist this time to encourage the rest of us?

Stephen's two nines were 39/41 but Robbie stormed home in just 36 shots. Graham was 37/39 and Archie 40/38.

First Monday of the month is Seniors' Stableford day and quite a few of the more mature members came out to play.

Louis Hamilton, consolidating a welcome return to competitive golf, cantered to victory with two good 'nines' of 36 and 38 and a handicap-reducing score of 43pts. Dave Webster occupied the runners-up slot while Ian Sikorski took third position albeit some way off the pace set by the other two.

It was good to see, like the ladies, one or two men trying their luck in this more relaxed area of club competition. One feels that's the way to improve one's game: by playing with and watching more skilled performers?


No midweek competition for the men but the Club Championship semi-finals were played.


In the main 'scratch' competition Chris Hanley scored a remarkable victory over Andrew Long, the latter apparently struggling to 'find his touch' on the very slick greens. Chris was delighted just to be challenging for a 'final' spot but was forthright and honest in his assessment that he had quite a few 'get-out-of-jail' breaks in his match. However we all get our share of 'breaks' during the season and it was just Chris' time. In the final he will play Iain Douglas who defeated John Finlayson in the other semi. Level at the turn with a good standard of play, Iain eased away to victory in the second nine.

In the handicap section Robert Macaskill, on an extended run of good form recently, defeated James Cumming, while Ross Cumming kept the flag flying for his 'clan' with victory over Danny Steele in the other tie. Once again the standard of play was good. The games were competitive but in both cases the victories were decisive.

Another two Isle of Skye Golf Club players have brought recognition to and enhanced the reputation of the club following Lou Gordon's early season success in a gent's tournament at Moray GC, Lossiemouth.

14 year old Archie Macaskill won Section Two (Handicap,10-36) of the Junior Boys Black Isle Open played last week at Fortrose and Rosemarkie GC. Playing their 18-hole layout Archie scored even 'nines' of 39 shots for a gross total of 78 off a 14 handicap for a nett score of 64. His score contained three birdies and was four strokes below the Standard Scratch score for the competition so not only did he win a generous prize voucher but he also reduced his handicap on the day and also relegated a 'home club' member to the runner-up spot some five strokes in arrears!

Great stuff Archie - let's wish the other young lads well too as they commence their summer season of North District competitive fixtures now that the school holidays are upon us and the competition season on the mainland is 'open for business'.

Another Isle of Skye Golf Club player brought distinction to our club recently as Sandra Dew took second place in the Torvean GC Ladies Senior Open in Inverness last week.

Her gross total of 98 off a 36 handicap meant her nett score of 62 was but a single shot off winning the tournament. In addition to her prize she has rapidly followed Donalda Johnston in reducing her handicap.


Ladies Section:


Sun 1st July, First Minister's Quaich.


1) D.Johnston 80(20) nett 60,

2) J.Mackinnon 86(20) nett 66.


Tues 3rd July, Glamaig Stableford.


1) J.Mackinnon 37pts,

2) S.Dew 34pts,

3) D.Johnston 33pts.



Gents Section:


Fri 29th June - Sun 1st July, Stableford.


1) S.Coull 42pts,

2) R.Weir 40pts b.i.h,

3) G.Cope 40pts,

4) A.Macaskill 39pts.


Mon 2nd July, Senior Stableford.


1) L.Hamilton 43pts,

2) D.Webster 38pts,

3) I.Sikorski 29pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

June 24, 2018

In our 'weekend' competitions with tee times from 5pm Friday until 1pm Sunday players can be lucky or unlucky with the weather conditions. Most players accept the 'rub of the green' but there has long been a thought that this premier event should be played in one single day to reduce the effect of possible wild fluctuations in our weather.


However,consider what happened as recently as in the US Open at Shinnecock Hills GC.In the second round with players vying for a place at the weekend following a 'cut' after two rounds (of four) the 8am starters played in howling wind, heavy smirry rain and totally unpleasant conditions. At 1pm and playing to the same qualification standard as the morning boys these players strolled round in flat calm, sunny conditions and quite a few more of them eased into the weekend than did their morning adversaries.

At Sconser the Friday boys were able to complete their rounds in dry pleasant conditions but pity the Saturday morning players who awoke to leaden skies and early drizzle that developed into nasty rain thereafter.

In fact nobody ventured on to the field of play at 9am with some opting to stay and try again at 1pm.

'Brucie-bonus' of course is that the golf course has been crying out for rain following three completely dry weeks but there's a limit and of course we all knew what would happen when the precipitation returned!

Sunday's cohort had to settle for a mixture of sunshine and showers.

When the dust had settled on Sunday night after the largest field of players in a very,very long time it was the 'young guns' who were once again to the fore.

The best scratch score, no handicap at this stage, was a fine 73 by Daniel Macdonald with Ryan Macaskill, Ian Douglas and Andrew Long just a single shot in arrears. Two shots further back were John Finlayson, Murdo Gordon and Chris Hanley. Alex Munro signed for a 77 with four players one further shot off the pace.

Astonishingly Dan Macdonald was the only player in the very large field to 'better' the CSS in three days of competition.

These are respectable scores given the conditions but there were still four 8s on these leading scorecards with one 'mystery man' surviving a brace of them in his round and still featuring among the clubhouse leaders - good effort there!

There should be a good dogfight next weekend as the four qualifiers are likely, but not guaranteed to come from these guys. Good too for the golf club with a healthy mixture of youngsters, recent recruits, returnees and even a sprinkling of middle-agers all in contention!

The ladies were to play back to back competitions before the gents competed in the second and final round of the Club Championship as there was no midweek competition in the gent's section to allow extra prep time for Thursday's Seniors' Open.

On Sunday the girls took part in their Monthly Medal and yet again it was Donalda Johnston who was to emerge victorious. Once again very steady golf for a victory margin of three shots from Sandra Dew with Jill Mackinnon another couple of shots in arrears.

Two days later and the ladies went in to battle again and for the fourth time in a row it was Donalda Johnston who topped the pile. A few weeks ago it was Sandra Dew winning comp after comp - is that the way it works in the ladies competitions? Donalda's winning total was one point ahead of Sandra Dew with Ann Jagger some way off the pace,but in third place.

Once again there was an improved turnout for the girls but what might really stimulate things would be for handicaps to start being reduced and streaks of successive winners to become a thing of the past?

Four in a row then for Donalda - could she maintain her good, steady play for the Seniors' Open?

Indeed she could and how deserving that she won the Ladies Section very comfortably with a good haul of points. I'm sure the other ladies were trying their hardest to upset the 'form-horse' but their efforts were in vain. My sources tell me the weather was good on the day although there was a decent breeze blowing in the morning - that helps to keep things 'interesting' for the players. Battling for podium positions but some way off the pace on the day were runner-up Ann Jagger with Sandra Dew in third place.

The result in the Gents' Section was almost a walkover for 'returnee' Willie Cowie who seems to play for a year or so then drifts to the sidelines before returning to the fold and continuing where he left off previously.

At the time of writing specific score details are unavailable to me but it doesn't take 'mastermind' to reason that a score 6pts better than the likely CSS for the day was the result of some very good play and should result in the handicapper instantly reducing his newly-acquired handicap by a decent amount! Louis Hamilton took second place by virtue of the 'better inward half' to ease Traigh's Rob Anderson into third place.

It was obviously  a successful day for the 'home' players,who turned out in good numbers to support their competition but the club would particularly like to thank our friends from Traigh GC and Spean Bridge GC who continue,year after year to travel to Skye to support and enhance our event with their very welcome presence.


Gents Section.

Weekend of 15th/16th/17th June,Club Championship Qualifying Round 1.


Leading scores.


73 - D.Macdonald,

74 - R.Macaskill, I.Douglas and A.Long,

76 - J.Finlayson, M.Gordon and C.Hanley,

77 - A.Munro.

Thurs 21st June, Isle of Skye Seniors' Open.

1) W Cowie 46pts,

2) L.Hamilton 37pts b.i.h.,

3) R.Anderson (Traigh GC) 37pts.

Ladies Section.

Sun 17th June,Monthly Medal.

1) D.Johnston 87( 20) nett 67,

2) S.Dew 106 (36) nett 70,

3) J.Mackinnon 91(19) nett 72.

Tues 19th June,Macleod Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 35pts,

2) S.Dew 34pts,

3) A.Jagger 29pts.

Thurs 21st June,Isle of Skye Seniors' Open.

1) D.Johnston 36pts,

2) A.Jagger 27pts,

3) S.Dew 26pts.

A setting so pretty...

June 24, 2018

...that artists come here to paint it!

2018 Club Championship Draw for semi-finals

June 24, 2018

Following the two medal rounds over the past two weekends, here is the draw for the matchplay semi-finals to be played this Wednesday (27th) by the top four players in each category:

GROSS (Scratch) -

Andrew Long vs Chris Hanley

Ian Douglas vs John Finlayson 

NETT (Handicap) -

Ross Cumming vs Daniel Steele

James Cumming vs Robert MacAskill  (James is unable to start his match before 6pm)

Good luck to all!

Competition News by John Marshall

June 17, 2018

Another weekend Stableford and another one/two for the Friday-nighters as Daniel Macdonald eased to victory by a comfortable margin from Danny Steele in second place with Kyle Pirie filling the final podium position.


Dan's score contained three birdies and a strong finish with only 33 strokes being required to navigate the inward 'nine'. Runner-up Danny Steele also had a good finish with 36 shots required as he eased Kyle Pirie by virtue of that stronger finish.


Competition is good just now with the boys really making an effort to support the club's competitive structure. Honourable mentions, because of the large field competing, to Robbie Macaskill, Ian Marr and Steven Coull who just missed the prize list.

The ladies strokeplay competition was won by Donalda Johnston who played a very steady outward nine holes. Despite stumbling a bit on the back nine she played to her handicap - which was a good effort. Sandra Dew took second place two shots back with Jill Mackinnon in third place.

A couple of days later and the ladies were out to play again - this time a very 'healthy' turnout which must have pleased one or two of the stalwarts who have been craving increased competition for many years now as they battled bravely to encourage some 'newbies' to 'come to the party'.

However,it was one of the 'stalwarts' who was to triumph on the day with Donalda Johnston again scooping up first prize. 'Newbie' Sandra Neil was runner-up in her first ever competition having been one of those beginners who decided that her 'game' was more likely to improve playing and competing with others so came to the conclusion that time was right to have a 'wee dook in the competitive pool'. Third place went to Sandra Dew.

Great stuff girls - has the ladies section taken off at last? Let's hope so.

As mentioned previously, the course has been running fast - but not always true - so as the morning cohort for the midweek competition prepared to play, they did so with some trepidation as it was cold, windy and with the threat of rain in the air. Although small in number they managed to battle the elements for nine dry holes then the expected (and greatly welcomed by the Sconser golfing fraternity) deluge began and so the second-half scores duly suffered.


The weather deterioration was such that nobody else ventured down to the course for the rest of the day so the prizewinners came from the early birds.

Donald Bethune, what to say about Donald whose golf has already been described here as 'steady,if unspectacular' and 'meritorious' other than he 'gets it round'! No flamboyance, no magic, no thrills - just efficient - but good enough on this occasion to win by a two point margin from John Allan Macleod with Lou Gordon in third place.

To anyone who will listen,the wise old owls scarper when he approaches, Donald's bemoaning the fact that he keeps on finishing on or near the top of the prize list week after week but a glass ceiling is preventing him from reducing his handicap - much, it has to be said, to the amusement of the aforesaid 'owls'! 


Gents' Section.

Weekend Stableford.

1) D.Macdonald 44pts 

2) D.Steele 41pts b.i.h.

3) K.Pirie 41pts

4) R.Macaskill,I.Marr and S.Coull(all 39pts)

Wed 13th June,Strath Cup#3.

1) D.Bethune 39pts 

2) John Allan Macleod 37pts 

3) Lou Gordon 36pts.

Ladies' Section.

Sun 10th June,Medal.

1) D.Johnston 85(20) nett 65 

2) S.Dew 103(36) nett 67

Tues 12th June,Stableford.

1) D.Johnston 35pts 

2) S.Neil 32pts 

3) S.Dew 30pts

Competition News by John Marshall

June 10, 2018

This week's events occur in chronological order as in continuing, unbroken sunshine there was competitive golf at Sconser for six consecutive days.


The June monthly medal was played across a long weekend and was yet another well-attended competition.

Play your round on Friday evening - could that be a secret? Well, looks like it with three of the top four scores being returned from that particular time slot.


Lou Gordon continues to play inspired golf as slowly but surely strokes are being shed as his handicap reduces to a more respectable and realistic level that reflects his undoubted golfing ability.


His halves of 39/37 for a nett score of 61 earned him victory by a single stroke from Robbie Weir who also had decently balanced halves of 38/38 .


Murdo Gordon - with a very tidy 36/36 was pipped for third place on the better inward half by recent new recruit Andrew Long-the only one of the group who didn't lodge his score on Friday - whose two 'nines' were some considerable way from being 'balanced'.


Andrew required 39 shots to navigate his way to 'the turn' then some magic dust must have been sprinkled on him as a stunning run of four birdies in the next seven holes ensured that he signed off with only 32 shots being needed to complete the back nine holes. Great stuff.


At the time of writing there hasn't been a drop of rain on the course for 21 days and with the club's irrigation system having been out of action for a very, very long time now the players are finding the dry, bumpy conditions to be quite challenging.


One recalls, many years ago now, phoning businesses throughout Scotland for price quotes and being asked time after time - "Skye - why do you need an irrigation system there?"


However, wherever golf is played - even in horrendous weather conditions - somebody always manages to return a 'score' while the rest are simply overwhelmed by the conditions.


The first Monday of the month is Seniors' Day when the old boys, and occasionally some ladies of similar uncertain vintage come out to play, but with the haar enveloping our littoral layout and a stiff, cold breeze blowing it was to be a brave golfer who ventured forth.

Suffice to say that very few made the effort but Donald Bethune returned the best score on the day - a meritorious 38pts - to triumph before no doubt repairing to the clubhouse for a welcoming hot drink! 

It was the ladies' turn on Tuesday when they played a 9-hole Stableford and on this occasion it was Ann Mackinnon who took top prize with Ann Jagger a very close runner-up.

Wednesday now and thanks to the wonders of modern science a 'pop-up' competition was arranged courtesy of the dreaded 'social media' (there was no competition scheduled for that day - a very rare occurrence in the summer months) so at very short notice a host of golfers appeared to try their luck. First tee time was 9am but apparently players were still coming on to the course at 6pm!

Runaway winner with a massive haul of points was Ian Marr who finished six points clear of three youngsters - Daniel Macdonald, Ryan Macaskill and Archie Macaskill who were separated by the b.i.h as all three returned the same points total.

If a player fails to compete in a prescribed number of competitions during the season the Scottish Golf Union rules require the player to re-submit scorecards for three complete rounds of golf for handicap reassessment purposes.

Ian hadn't completed the minimum quota required last season and must have been disappointed to be allocated a 26 handicap following the review (his previous 'mark' was 17) but, before you shoot the handicapper there is an official procedure and process for reallocation which applies nationwide and on this occasion, like all others, it was applied as per the rule book! 

Ian's not the first player this season to win 'going away' from the field following reassessment but, as no doubt he'll be delighted to knock three 'full' shots off his handicap(when we're mostly dealing in decimal points) in one fell swoop, the downside will be the jibes he'll expect to receive when he next 'tees it up' at the course.

 "Where's your mask?" (bandit) or "are your shirts specially made to accommodate the fin?" (shark) are two printable  comments he can expect to receive!

Runner-up Daniel had a 'good back nine' of 36, Ryan had four birdies and Archie was just steady - and improved.

Some big competitions are now looming large on the horizon with the first and second rounds round of the Club Championship either side of the Senior Open. Shortly thereafter the Open takes place so players are starting to jostle for position.

This could be a very interesting period for the club because, to this long-time observer at least, we have more single-figure handicap players than we've had for a very, very long time. These lower handicap players are more consistent in all aspects of the game and when the going gets tough these guys usually - but not always - deliver the goods.

Historically we've had a handful of guys playing off single figures but we could have quite a few more this time round thanks to 1) some transfers from Skeabost, 2) some improved form from our 'own' better players and 3) one or two of the junior recruits who will be competing with the 'big boys' for the first time.

As previously mentioned these youngsters, thanks to a winter's top coaching, have 'all the tools' - and the distance!

Having recently completed my own 'grand slam' of partnering these boys I've seen first hand that the three oldest ones can easily reach more than a few of our shorter par four holes so two-putt birdies are there for the taking if the eagle putts fail to drop!

All these boys need to do now is learn how to compete, rather than just bashing the ball around in their many, many 'bounce' games on the course!

John Marshall


Ladies Section:

Tues 5th June, 9-hole Stableford.

1) A.Mackinnon 18pts,

2) A.Jagger 17pts.

Gents Section:

Weekend 1st-3rd June Monthly Medal

1) L.Gordon 76(15) nett 61,

2) R.Weir 76(14) 62 b.i.h.,

3) A.Long 71(7) 64 b.i.h.,

4) M.Gordon 72(8) 64.

Monday 4th June,Senior Stableford.

1) D.Bethune 38pts.

Wed 6th June,Pop-Up Stableford.

1) I.Marr 47pts,

2) D.Macdonald 41pts b.i.h.,

3) R.Macaskill 41pts b.i.h.,

4) A.Macaskill 41pts.

Out of Bounds Posts

June 06, 2018

Please be advised that the "Out of Bounds" marker posts have been reinstalled on the right of the 1st /10th fairway and on the left of the 4th / 13th fairway. The work is still incomplete and will be completed next week. Additionally there have been some very minor adjustments made to a few "yellows and reds".

Members are reminded that OOB marker posts are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed. Therefore they CANNOT be removed to allow a shot to be played. The inside edge (course side) of the posts at ground level determines the out of bounds line. A ball is out of bounds when ALL of it lies out of bounds. However, a player may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying within bounds. 

Competition News by John Marshall

June 03, 2018

Following the recent Saturday Spring Scramble the gents played a Sunday Stableford  which was won by the youngest member of the gent's section - 14-year-old Archie Macaskill.

If our juniors can play to a specified standard and have a decent awareness of course etiquette they can be invited to join in the men's competitions where the standard of play is much higher.


Throughout many winter months Archie along with big brother Ryan, Daniel Macdonald and Angus Macdonald made weekly trips to Nairn Golf Club where they received coaching of the highest standard from former European Tour player - and now teaching professional - Murray Urquhart under the auspices of the Scottish Golf Union North District coaching programme.


They applied to join the scheme, were accepted, have improved and seem to have flourished, so one expects big things from them this season. In addition to fulfilling their commitment to their home club the boys hope to compete in a number of competitions throughout the North of Scotland so let's wish them well as they represent the club on the mainland.  

Praise too for the parents who took turns transporting the boys 'there and back' in sometimes very difficult driving conditions.

Archie's current handicap indicates that he might be expected to return a score of 39 for each group of nine holes but he completed the second lap of our nine hole layout in an excellent 36 blows. Andrew Long took second place one point behind the winner with Scott Cumming pipping James Colven (by virtue of the 'better inward half') for third place a further point distant.

Also on Sunday the ladies played a strokeplay competition but with most of them enjoying 'a sunny day in the garden', only a few decided to try their luck on the links.

Winner again was Sandra Dew whose three-shot margin relegated Donalda Johnston into second place.


Sandra seems to be dominating things in the ladies section recently as she added the Tuesday Stableford competition to her haul of victories - three-in-a-row now. She won by a single point from Ann Mackinnon with Anne Jagger in third place.

Encouraging for the 'doughty' ladies is the fact that a few new recruits to the game have graduated to applying/playing for an official golf handicap so when successful that should help to swell their competitive numbers and with a handicap to try to improve there's always a challenge to accept?

To any potential recruits to the ladies section of the club-you can see a pathway to progress.

Perhaps the biggest field of the season to date played in Wednesday's gents medal competition. Despite the continued dry, bouncy conditions the  players continued to strut their stuff with Donald Macphee emerging victorious on the day with a nett score of 62 despite starting his round with a four-over-par eight which usually spells disaster in a strokeplay competition. He pipped Murdo Gordon by virtue of the dreaded 'better-inward-half' (b.i.h.) but Murdo's gross score of 70 was a great effort in the conditions. One stroke further back was John Allan Macleod.


All three players had their handicaps reduced as a result of their good performances.


To reduce one's handicap should be the aim of every player every time he or she competes. When fellow golfers meet, irrespective of what course or even what country they're currently playing in the conversation inevitably comes round to -"what's your handicap"?  


When answering that question the lower the number the better the player is - nobody wants to know about the table full of trophies you've got at home!


Because of the size of the competing field it's worth mentioning that young Dan Macdonald secured fourth place (b.i.h.) from John Marshall and Lou Gordon with all three signing for nett 65s.

Lou has recently helped to promote and bring honour to the Isle of Skye Golf Club when, as part of the club's Annual Three Day Outing (which is played for the Claude Cameron Memorial Salver), he played in an Open Competition at the Moray Golf Club, Lossiemouth and won the Category Two Handicap Section which, in this instance, was for players with handicaps from 11-28.

A staggering achievement really as he beat 63 other players to get his name on the trophy by virtue of - you've guessed - the better-inward-half! Incidentally 93 players were in the Category One section!

His score was 89(17) for nett 72 on a course with a SSS of 73.

Unsurprisingly then Lou won the coveted salver for his weekend performance on the courses at Castle Stuart, Hopeman and Moray.


All golf courses have a 'rating'(SSS) which is assessed by groups of trained golfers who ensure that playing conditions and standards are maintained, assessed and updated - where necessary - nationwide.

The Standard Scratch Score is the measure of the difficulty of a golf course and is based on the number of strokes a scratch golfer - no handicap involved - would take to play the course in normal weather conditions.

The Sconser SSS is 64 (for comparison Lochcarron is 60) but the Moray SSS is 73. The championship course at Carnoustie - which is 'hosting' this year's Open Championship - is 75 and that's about as high as it goes although grading systems/formulae are constantly changing and being amended as new systems for evaluation evolve.

Finally two important dates for the golfer's calendar might also be of interest to the readership outwith the Skye and Lochalsh area as the Seniors' Open takes place on Thursday 21st June and the Open follows on Saturday 7th July.

Entries are now being taken with details on the club's website - a good chance to return to the area for some of our exiles and/or former members?

                                                                                              John Marshall

RESULTS:Mens Section.

Sun 27th May - Stableford.

1) A.Macaskill 37pts, 2) A.Long 36pts, 3) S.Cumming 35pts.

Wed 30th May - Medal.

1) D.Macphee 84(22) nett 62(b.i.h.), 2) M.Gordon 70(8) 62, 3) J.A.Macleod 77(14)63,4) D.Macdonald 77(12) 65(b.i.h.).

RESULTS:Ladies Section.

Sun 27th May - Strokeplay.

1) S.Dew 105(36) nett 69, 2) D.Johnston 92(20) 72.

Tues 29th May - Stableford.

1) S Dew32pts, 2) AnnMackinnon 31pts, 3) Anne Jagger 27pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

May 27, 2018

There was a hotly contested competition for the lady members last Tuesday when a single point separated the top four players in the Lochalsh Leisure Stableford .

Sandra Dew emerged victorious on count back from Jill Mackinnon, both players having scored a creditable 31pts. Ann Mackinnon and Ann Jagger completed their rounds one point in arrears with the former taking third place also on count back.

The recent good weather attracted a decent field for the following day's men's competition. A two-day weekend deluge had softened the course a wee bit but the greens were still fiery. Like many courses throughout the country the 'Beast from the East' has delayed growth, and thereby course preparation, by about three to four weeks. We now have the warmth we require but not yet the moisture.


Donald Bethune, playing in the morning group, coped admirably with the conditions on the day to register the winning score of 39pts. Steady if unspectacular golf earned Donald his reward. Robert Macaskill, playing with the afternoon cohort, maintained a decent run of recent form while John Allan Macleod, returning from a three-year absence  from competitive golf, seems to have settled back into his old steady form. These players finished one shot and two shots respectively behind the winner. Chris Hanley was relegated to fourth place on count back.

The doughty lady competitors, though small in number, have soldiered on bravely for many years now while the much more volatile membership of the gents' section is experiencing a bit of a boom at present. Although quite a few long-standing and regular competitors have moved away from the area in recent times, several new members have been recruited to the club in thje last year thanks to an inspired committee initiative. Four very good juniors have now graduated into playing in the men's competitions and it's good to see the membership continuing to grow with some new recruits joining from the Skeabost Golf Club.

Temperatures continued to climb through the week and one would have expected a scorching Sconser Saturday to have attracted a big field to compete in the Spring Scramble - but sadly not. Disappointingly, only a few teams made the effort and in dry, hot and dusty conditions it was the 'Munrascals' who were victorious. Alex Munro with partners, brothers and youngsters Archie and Ryan Macaskill, scooped seven birdies for a score of 56.9 despite being one man short of the normal quota of four players for this event. Runners-up were the 'Tee Tossers' with John Marshall, Andrew Long, John Allan Macleod and James Colven on 57.6, and third place went to the 'No Chancers with George Neill, Dave Webster and Mike Williams with 63.6.

Busy Weekend at the Golf Club

May 13, 2018

The ever popular David Murray Quaich competition was played on Saturday, one of our new members again taking the course by storm. The competition is played over two 18 hole rounds with a break for lunch between rounds. The Quiach was won by James Cumming with nett scores of 64 and 56 for his two rounds. Second was Stephen Coull with nett scores of 64 and 63. Third was Donald MacPhee with nett scores of 62 and 67. Well played again by James Cumming.

On Sunday we had a stableford competition, again well represented, and the winner being Daniel Steele with 35 points, 2nd was Andrew Long and 3rd was Mike Williams with 34 points (Andrew having the better back nine). The Ladies had a Monthly Medal Competition, the winner being Donalda Johnston who is having a great start to the season. She won with a score of 89, nett 69. 2nd was Ann MacKinnon with 95, nett 70, and 3rd was Jill MacKinnon with 93, nett 74.

The Midweek competition for the Gents was a Medal which was won by James Colven with 88, nett 68, 2nd was Andrew Long with 83, nett 77 . The Ladies played their Glamaig 9 or 18 Hole Stableford  competition. 1st place went to Donalda Johnston with 28 points, 2nd was Jill MacKinnon 27 points, and 3rd Sandra Dew with 15 points.

A fond farewell to Dr Frank Deighton

May 04, 2018

Last month there was a poignant moment at the club when John Marshall and Ian Marr, who co-wrote the history of the club for the website, met with Nicky Deighton and her husband Justin prior to the scattering of her father's ashes on the golf course.

In 1964 Dr Frank Deighton, a renowned international amateur golfer, was invited by Mr Iain Campbell, Sconser, to "design and lay out nine holes for the purpose of playing golf" on a strip of land adjacent to Mr Campbell's house - a challenge he enthusiastically accepted.

In 1988 following the construction of the new clubhouse Dr Deighton was invited to return to the course to participate in the Opening Ceremony. He did so in some style by launching the ceremonial drive from the tee just in front of the clubhouse.

The couple feel an affinity towards both the club and the island and hope to return to visit both as often as possible in the future.

Club Telephone

April 10, 2018

Back to normal!

01478 650465

Dr Frank Deighton

February 28, 2018

It is with sadness that we recently heard of the death of our course designer

Glasgow Herald notice:

DEIGHTON Dr Frank W.G. Aged 90, peacefully, on 23rd February 2018, at Clarence Court Care Home. Retired GP, Scottish golfer and member of R&A St Andrews, beloved father to daughters Nicky and the late Ruth, and husband to the late Marna. Thanks to staff at Clarence Court for their care and to all friends who visited over many years. Private funeral service in Glasgow.

Extract from Isle of Skye Golf Club history:

“Dr Frank Deighton, a former Walker Cup player, was then asked by Mr Campbell to design and lay out nine holes for the purpose of playing golf – a challenge he enthusiastically accepted”

We were notified by David Miller, a friend, who intimated that Frank often talked of designing and opening the course and remained in contact with us.

Open Day 2017

May 19, 2017

We are having an Open day for anyone who wants to come along and play 9/18 holes or be introduced to the game of golf.

Start time 11o'clock. Free use of hire Clubs & trolleys. Teas, coffee and snacks available.

Members, including juniors, bring a guest free!

New website!

February 01, 2017

Our website has been overhauled to bring it up to date, making it more friendly for access by phones and other mobile devices as well as being more attractive and useful to potential visitors. It is also now much easier for committee members to keep it up to update.

2016 Talisker Open Scramble

August 19, 2016

The annual Talisker scramble has been changed to an Open competition on Saturday 20th August. The disitllery has kindly donated four bottles of the excellent Talisker Storm for the winning team with further prizes for the second and third teams.

Contact the Clubhouse to enter your team.


July 11, 2016

This day to introduce youngsters to golf went off very well, A big thanks is due to our own junior members for coming along to help out.

2016 course development

January 01, 2016

Our main thrust this year has been to push on with the course drainage and bring the machinery into good order. Look out for the first outing for the renovated John Deere mower.

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