New Rules from 1st January 2019


Just in case you’ve been hibernating and have missed the news… the rules of golf are changing! Several rules are changing, and the presentation of the rules in the “Rules of Golf” books has changed dramatically. There are now even pictures! We highly recommend players obtain a copy of the "Player's" edition of the new rule book, available (at the time of writing) in the clubhouse. (Please leave the larger editions (A5) in the clubhouse.) An app from the R&A for smart phones is also available, allowing us to search for anything in the rules. 

We could list what's changing but all that work has already been done by various golfing authorities, including the R&A, the USGA, and several respected golf magazines. However, a word of warning: if you look on-line for information about the new rules, be aware that some of the proposed rule changes have themselves changed, and your searches might find some out-of-date information. For your convenience, and to keep you on the right track, we have found the following links:

R&A explanation, with videos

USGA explanation

Golf Monthly

Golf Digest

Today's Golfer

Expert Golf (Youtube video)

Sky Sports