This time last year (ish), 27th May 2019

June 02, 2020

Groundhog day. If it's not a 'Cumming' winning the prizes at the Isle of Skye Golf Club so far this season then it's a 'Macaskill' and this week it's Robert, chieftain of the latter clan who's added the Highland Cup to the David Murray Quaich he won seven days ago.

Robbie's obviously relishing the continuing hard and fast course conditions as this time he returned a splendid nett score of 59 to add to the 57 he signed for last weekend! His game's obviously in tatters though as he required two more shots to triumph this time around!

Out in 35 and back in 36 got the job done as his 'mark' has now been reduced to 11 and his sizzling run of form continues.

Two shots behind, Alex Munro's fine 61 was hewn from loops of 33 - splendid - and 37..Another familiar name in regular contention recently, Iain Douglas secured third place courtesy of 37 'out' and 35 'coming home'. Interestingly, these three good players and prizewinners each logged but one single birdie en route to glory so 'steady as she goes' must have been the command signal prior to the commencement of the day's play.

These scores were all recorded in category one of this competition - for players with handicaps from 0 to 12.

In category two - for handicaps 13 to 28 - it was another repeat winner, Ross Cumming, who took the honours..His nett score of 62 was one shot too good for Alasdair 'Starsky' Campbell, making a rare but welcome reappearance to the course, with Bob Beatson edging James Colven for third place, courtesy of the better inward half.

Putting some meat on the bones, then, Ross was 40 and 38 having recovered well from an iffy start to his round. Alasdair submitted a pair of 38s with a ropey beginning and end to his round. Bob Beatson took 45 and 41 shots for his two 'nines' also with a dodgy start and finish while James Colven was 40 and 45 with yet another shaky overture and coda. It would appear from that assessment then that all four had weakish beginnings, good middle sections to their rounds, but the difference between them was that Ross held his form to the very end.

Fast forward to the Wednesday Stableford and it was a blustery scene at Sconser for most of the day. The greenkeeper's rain dance had delivered the goods in spades but, unfortunately, even he couldn't arrange for the precipitation to descend outwith the hours of play so conditions weren't exactly savoury for the day's competitors.

Playing in the early morning draw young Dan Macdonald returned a respectable total of 39pts. His scores of 37(19pts) and 36(20) for his two laps of the track set an achievable target for the rest of the players but although three men equalled it none could pass by en route to victory. Next man up, Danny Steele, submitted two loops of 39(20) and 40(19) to equal the morning target leaving Ross Cumming and Iain Douglas - two players very familiar with recent podium-position finishes - to launch their attack from the midst of the evening cohort. Both players huffed and puffed in an effort to overtake the day's leading score but Ross's two-birdie and Iain's three-birdie totals drew level with but couldn't overtake the target so the club found itself in the very unusual situation of a quartet of players tied on 39pts. Eventually, even the computer couldn't separate the top two players so Dan Macdonald and Iain Douglas were declared to be joint winners with Ross Cumming in third place and Danny Steele completing the quaternity!

Round One of the Ladies Championship was played recently and as predicted by 'Mystic Marshall' last week a possible 'section-inspiring' handicap reduction has been made - and very nearly two on the same day! The players in question were Sandi Beatson and Donalda Johnston.

Sandi shot an excellent outward nine of 41 (off 27) but sadly stumbled taking 47 shots coming home. However, despite the late difficulties she still recorded a score three full shots below the CSS - competition standard scratch - for the day to achieve the reduction.

Donalda must have thought it was to 'be the day' too when she blazed to the 'turn' in a mere 39 blows (off 19) but like her playing partner the wheels came off a wee bit late on so she had to settle for playing exactly to her handicap on the day. Perhaps there was a deterioration in the day's weather that caused the disappointing finishes because between them they recorded three fives and five sixes in the last four holes-so their handicaps could and maybe should have been blown to smithereens!

Tuesday's Stableford competition resulted in victory for ever-present Donalda Johnston. Her total of 34pts was way too good for the rest of the field which was led by Sandra Dew. 


Very well done ladies - now, will the 'dam burst' as MM also prognosticated seven days ago?

This weekend the ladies' competition is strokeplay while the men will play a medal.

p.s. an oft-heard mantra - 'innovation is the name of the game' was developed at the recent European Golf Tournament in Denmark featuring a hole where the players were required to promenade through a hospitality marquee (beer tent  )to access the 14th tee.One wonders if there's any chance of similar innovation at Sconser in time for the Open in July?Then again how many disenchanted/disillusioned players might happily succumb to temptation and opt to remain in the howf rather than proceed through the 'unit' to continue their toil?


Gents Section

Fri 17th-Sun 19th May, Highland Cup, Category One (0-12)

1) R Macaskill 71(12) nett 59, 2) A Munro 70(9) 61, 3) I Douglas 72(8)64.

Highland Cup, Category Two (13-28)


1) R Cumming 78(16) 62,

2) A Campbell 76(13) 63,

3) B Beatson 86(21) 65 bih,

4) J Colven 85(20) 65.

Wed 22nd May, Stableford

1)=D Macdonald and I Douglas 39pts bih,

3) R Cumming 39pts bih,

4) D Steele 39pts.

Ladies Section


Sun 19th May, Ladies Championship, Round One.

1) S Beatson 88(27) nett 61,

2) D Johnston 83(19) 64.

Tues 21st May, Lochalsh Leisure Stableford.

1) D Johnston 34pts, 2) S Dew 27pts.

John Marshall

This time last year (ish), 20th May 2019

May 23, 2020

The David Murray Quaich is one of the 'big' prizes to win at the Isle of Skye Golf Club and the format dictates that it's the only 36-hole one-day competition in the club calendar.

A whole day's golf then and a big sacrifice with jobs to do in the garden but the boys came out to play and the competition was fierce. With the course in good trim-although still requiring a good soaking-the scoring on both days was red hot.

Raasay resident Stevie Coull took the morning honours with a splendid nett 59. Halves of 38 and 37 were tidy in the extreme as was the 'return' of James Cumming who submitted a brace of 38's including a couple of 'birds' on the back nine. Also making the early pace was Donnie Macphee with a great 36 followed, unfortunately by a stomach-churning 44 while bringing up the rear of the leading quartet was Robbie Macaskill with 39x2.

These lads' handicaps are in the low to mid-teens so it's unlikely that they'll return groups of birdies in their rounds but steady, steady got the job done before all repaired to the clubhouse for a 'spot of lunch'.

Duly nourished and well-fortified the players returned to the wind and blazing sunshine for the second and final round and it was Robert Macaskill who broke the bank early with a stunning nett 57. He required but 36 shots for lap one then a further 35 blows-with two birdies-and the job was done? Morning leader Stevie Coull battled well in the post-lunch session and two loops of 39 for a nett 62 saw him draw level with Robert on a 121 two-round total. James Cumming sustained his good form and 39 and 38 secured a nett 63 for a final count of 125. Last of the leading quartet but still returning an exemplary submission was Donnie Macphee who shot 38 and 42-with two birdies-for another fine 63 and a day's total of 126. Once again Donnie started brightly but ran out of steam towards the end of his round?

There were several other very good scores returned on the day but these four guys really put on a very fine show of golf atop the leaderboard - good job boys! Robert Macaskill was duly declared to be the winner of the David Murray Quaich by virtue of his superb second round - commiserations though to Stevie Coull after his brilliant performance.

Next day's pop-up Stableford was of less significance than the previous day's trophy competition but nevertheless it still counted for handicap purposes so, consequently, it attracted some keen competition with one single point being of premium importance.

James Cumming, who must be superbly well-organised at home to have played both rounds yesterday before turning up to play again 24hrs later, continued his extended run of strong performances - even with chunks lopped of his handicap recently - to win the competition albeit with the comparatively modest-by recent-standards-total of 40pts. James had 18pts 'going out' and 22pts 'coming home'.Not all that long ago he was winning everything in sight off his mark of 17 (now 14) but even the handicapper's ultra-sharp pencil can't prevent this man's progress-great stuff and very well played sir!

One single point in arrears and playing as a visitor on the day, former club captain Martin Bird produced his usual steady performance round a familiar track to record a good score of 39pts. Martin's two loops secured points totals of 18 and 21 respectively. One more point off the pace saw 'Clan Cumming' represented in spades as the 'young fellow' trooped in with 38pts - 19 each way - to secure third place. Good family competition there as well as in the House of Macaskill?

The second round of the Strath Cup occupied the men's midweek slot with the course running even harder and faster. The morning cohort played in a decent warm breeze but things must have improved as the day progressed as all the prizewinning totals were recorded in the evening slot-or maybe they're just better players? Ross Cumming's fine consistent form continued unabated with a goodly haul of 42pts to take the honours from Iain Douglas and Robert Macaskill who both signed for 38pts.

Ross's two halves of 40(20pts) and 38(22) made up a decent if unspectacular total. Iain Douglas was 38(17pts) and 35(21) while Robert Macaskill returned 39(18pts) and 38(20). Compared to recent 'returns' these scores are quite modest containing as they do not one single birdie but I'm sure these lads don't care!

Very early morning travellers passing through Sconser township will have seen the greenkeeper operational on the course - once the deer have completed yet another satisfactory night's grazing at our expense - in a continuing valiant attempt to water the greens and keep them playable in these drought-like conditions. The irrigation pump is struggling as it sources 'supply' from the adjacent Tormichaig river where the water level is already low and slowly diminishing. Syringing the newly-fertilised putting surfaces just about 'does the job' before yet another 'boring' day of unbroken sunshine and drying wind.

The ladies' monthly medal was won by Sandi Beatson who was making a welcome return to competitive ladies golf following a short spell away from the game. Having just had her handicap restored she skipped around the course before entering the winner's circle with a highly respectable nett score of 68. Donalda Johnston was her closest opponent on the day with nett 73.

A couple of days later and the ladies came out to play again in the Glamaig Stableford competition. Sandra Dew took the honours from Sunday's victor Sandi Beatson courtesy of her 'better inward half' - both players returning 33pts totals. Donalda Johnston kept the other two 'honest' finishing but two points in arrears.

Footnote: the ladies' handicaps, in general, are much higher than the gents' and so are their scores meaning that too detailed analysis would be unfair but scrutiny of their recent submissions suggests that with just a wee bit more consistency there could be a handicap or two in need of adjustment downwards in the very near future. One suspects that once the dam bursts....

This weekend in the gents' section there's a Saturday-only Spring Scramble for teams of four followed by yet another pop-up Stableford on Sunday. The ladies are playing a strokeplay competition.

P.S. it rained on the course for most of last weekend so the biggest smile in Sconser belongs to the greenkeeper!


Gents Section

Sat 11th May, David Murray Quaich.

1) R Macaskill 64+57=121bih,

2) S Coull 59+62=121,

3) J Cumming 62+63=125,

4) D Macphee 63+63=126.

Sun 12th May, Stableford.

1) J Cumming 40pts,

2) M Bird 39pts,

3) R Cumming 38pts.

Wed 15th May, Strath Cup Rd 2.

1) R Cumming 42pts,

2) I Douglas 38pts bih,

3) R Macaskill 38pts

Ladies Section

Sun 12th May, Monthly Medal.

1) S Beatson 95(27) 68,

2) D Johnston 92(19) 73.

Tuesday 14th May, Glamaig Stableford.

1) S Dew 33pts bih,

2) S Beatson 33pts,

3) D Johnston 31pts.

John Marshall

This time last year (ish) ...13th May 2019

May 19, 2020

Still no rain of any consequence at Sconser despite reported tales of recent and decent downpours in villages and townships throughout the area so the nicely-manicured course is gradually turning from verdancy to terracotta as the rain dance continues from both the greenkeeper and the members alike.

Stableford no more - as the song goes - and the May Medal was the order of the day in the gents' section of the Isle of Skye Golf Club recently. When asked for comment on the weather conditions the word 'brutal' featured quite regularly when reflecting on the cold, icy blast on days one and two although there was some evidence that things had eased slightly for the latter part of the third day.

Playing on day three then Ross Cumming scored a massive victory - six clear shots - over the 'field' with a nett score of 59. Two steady halves of 39 and 38 including a pair of birdies saw his handicap once more forensically examined then adjusted by the handicapper. Also playing on the third day John Finlayson made a rather belated but nevertheless welcome appearance into the prizewinner's circle with loops of 38 and 39-including two birdies-securing the runner-up spot for him with a nett total of 65


Playing on Saturday recent prizewinners Donald Macphee and Robbie Weir both signed for 66's with the former easing ahead courtesy of the better inward half. Donnie was 42 and 41 - with two nasty sixes - while Robbie was 39 and 40 with two sevens so there's still room for improvement even amongst those already 'comfortable' in the winner's circle this season.

The men rolled out again a few days later for their midweek fixture-another medal-like the London buses? John Maclean coasted to victory with an excellent nett score of 59 and yet another well-merited visit to the handicapper's hut. This score comes as no surprise as last week, in company with two former members of our club now regrettably exiled on the mainland, I partnered John when we played the classic links of Royal Dornoch and the superb layout at Castle Stuart. John's play, scoring and general ball-striking on both testing layouts was amazing. One wonders how many players use these world-class courses as preparation for the midweek medal at their home club...

It's been a long-time and well-accepted aphorism at our golf club that the bigger hitters rarely if ever get the opportunity to utilise their superior power off the tee on our shortish layout. That's why so many of the younger, better and stronger players over the years have regularly sought out mainland Open competitions at weekends to test themselves on longer, tougher courses thus allowing them to display their full range of skills.

Make no mistake though - Sconser is by no means a Mickey-Mouse track! Its small greens and constantly changing and testing windy conditions ensure that liberties are seldom taken with the littoral layout and player's 'games'-for the most part-are kept 'honest'.

On Wednesday morning John's two 'nines' were a solid 38 coupled with a very fine 33, The latter loop contained three birdies-and that after starting off his day with a five and a six on the opening brace of holes. Ryan Macaskill partnered John in what has to be said was the better part of the day for good scoring conditions and he too produced a fine score. Like his companion for the day, Ryan had a horrible five, seven start - but he also regained his composure and slipped round in 38 and 35 to take second place.

Playing in the afternoon slot recent winner Robbie Weir continued his rich vein of form once more to mount the prizewinner's rostrum with his score of 66. One wonders why all three leaders stumbled off the tee early doors because Robbie's opening two efforts were five, eight! However, like John and Ryan, he settled to his task in hand with 40 blows required for the outward nine and 39 required to come home.

This week's ladies revue should really be replaced by a weather report. Their weekend strokeplay competition commenced quietly enough with modest quadripartite participation but the chill weather accounted for one of the players early on and two more were disqualified for an unfortunate rules infringement/misunderstanding.

Jill Mackinnon was declared to be the winner!

Twenty four hours later on a cold, blustery Monday morning two ladies and one gentleman took to the course for the monthly Trout's (Seniors) competition. The gentleman in question 'split' the ladies leaving Anne Jagger as the winner with 34pts.

Next day and the ladies are batting or should it be battling again - this time in the first round of the season-long Glamaig Stableford Competition. Only two competitors decided to brave the elements and one single lap of the track-as their rules allow-but conditions were truly evil and the points totals, although low and subsequently recorded were irrelevant.

This weekend's ladies competition is the first round of the Ladies Championship while the gents will be competing for the Highland Cup.

Memo to the gents - if you don't think you can 'break' nett 60 it's not really worth bothering to play as you won't have any chance of winning!


Gents Section:

Fri 3rd-Sun 5th May, Medal

1) R Cumming 77(18) nett 59,

2) J Finlayson 77(12) 65,

3) D Macphee 83(17) 66 bih,

4) R Weir 79(13) 66.

Wednesday 8th May, Medal

1) J Maclean 71(12) nett 59,

2) Ryan Macaskill 73(8) 65,

3) R Weir 79(13) 66.

Ladies Section:

Sun 5th May, Strokeplay

1) J Mackinnon 92(20) nett 72.

Mon 6th May, Seniors Stableford Competition

1) A Jagger 34pts,

2) Donald Bethune 32pts.

John Marshall

From 12th May 2014

May 13, 2020

The rain had softened the course at Sconser and the players took full advantage of enhanced scoring conditions last Wednesday as Chris Mackinnon opened his account for the season with a fine score and a comfortable margin of victory in round one of the Strath Cup.

His total of 42pts in the Stableford format was too good for most of the field but Donald Bethune and Mike Mace did their best, both returning creditable totals of 38pts with the former taking second place by having the better inward half. Club captain Jamie Beaton took fourth place with 37pts.

The second round of the Skye Cup was the weekend's competition and it was recent winner Kyle Pirie who took the honours again with an excellent nett 60. Alasdair 'Starsky' Campbell led Saturday's field with a fine 61 for overall second place with Alex Munro showing some form with a competent 63. Donald Bethune and Graham Cope had nett 64s with the latter having the better inward half.

As mentioned earlier the gentle drizzle recently has improved the playing surfaces on all areas of the course and as the winter cobwebs are slowly being blown away the players are starting to perform to a high standard - but there are still quite a few competitors still to open their account for the season so this weekend's Spring Scramble might encourage a large turnout in this fun event.

Members are reminded that teams should be in place on the course ready for a 9:15 shotgun start.

The club outing also takes place this weekend.


Wed 7th May, Strath Cup rd.1: 

1) C.Mackinnon 42pts,

2) D.Bethune 38pts (bih),

3) M.Mace 38pts,

4) J.Beaton 37pts.

Sat/Sun 10th/11th May, Skye Cup rd.2: 

1) K.Pirie 78(18) nett 60,

2) A.Campbell 73(12) 61,

3) A.Munro 73(10) 63,

4) G.Cope 76(12) 64 b.i.h.,

5) D.Bethune 82(18) 64.

This Time Last Year (6th May 2019)

May 09, 2020

The following is a report from 6th May 2019...

The 'RNLI Shield' has always been a popular competition at the Isle of Skye Golf Club and that was nicely reflected with a much better than average turnout of competitors when it was played for recently. Apparently, for all three days, the conditions above ground were ideal for scoring as at long last the blustery winds had died down but with the continuing lack of rain the course is still running hard and fast and the players are being challenged to invent a variety of different strategies to counteract the fiery conditions.


The player who coped best and therefore was declared to be the winner was Iain Douglas who recorded his score on Saturday morning. He shot 36(19pts) and 34(22) for his two loops with the three birdies collected en route to his 41pt total most certainly helping the cause.

Playing one day earlier Archie Macaskill maintained his recent run of solid, consistent form with 14 pars and four 'others' contributing to his score of 36(21pts) and 37(20) but although registering the same total as his 'opponent' unfortunately he was to be eased into the runner-up slot again courtesy of Iain's better back nine.

Stevie Coull, another Saturday competitor took third place with his outward score of 42(17pts) followed by an excellent 37(23) for a 40pt total thus pipping Sunday regular Mike Williams for the bronze medal slot thanks to a better finishing nine holes. Mike's well-crafted 39(20pts) and 40(20) included succedent birdies in a round well played.

John Cunningham, the new greenkeeper, is now fully operational and is, thanks to a former course-custodian Brian Green, currently familiarising himself with the idiosyncrasies of the Sconser track. John is keen to join in competitive play at the club and to that end is currently looking to upgrade his golf sticks in preparation for joining in with the boys. He'll be very welcome.

Last Wednesday's competition was played in ideal scoring conditions. Although it was cool and a little on the dull side for the morning slot the temperature rose steadily throughout the day, conditions were unusually calm and the sun gently warmed the backs of the combatants as they prepared for action. This midweek Stableford competition resulted in a runaway victory for Robbie Weir. An infrequent competitor Robbie certainly turned on the heat 'coming home' after 39 shots(19pts) were needed for the first half of his round. A respectable audition then for what was to come with a miserly 35(24) blows required to navigate the inward 'nine'.Very fine shooting indeed and consequently the handicapper's pencil has been at work!

Continuing his rich vein of recent good form Iain Douglas secured the runner-up slot courtesy of his 40pt accumulation. He required 38 blows(17pts) 'going out' but a brilliant 33(23) strokes back nine was a fine effort indeed-another three birdie-haul included! Further in arrears Alex Munro and Ian Marr both settled for 37pts but the former eased third place by the closest of margins. Alex's two nines were 37(18pts)and 37(19) while Ian reversed these two points totals consequently slipping to fourth place.

The ladies section is now 'open for business' and their opening day Stableford resulted in victory for Jill Mackinnon with Donalda Johnston as proxime accessit and Sandra Dew completing the leading trio. Jill had a ropey opening nine holes but recovered well while the other two ladies reversed that process with respectable openings but falling away towards the end of their rounds. Early days though for the girls and perhaps, like the boys, they'll take a few outings to get into the swing of things?

Two days later and they were out in action again and this time-another Stableford! Ann Jagger scooped the pool this time with a nice total of 37pts and a three-point comfortable victory with Donalda Johnston once more occupying the runner-up spot.

This weekend is a 'biggie' for the men with Saturday-only play for the 36-hole David Murray Quaich then on Sunday it's a - you've guessed - Stableford! The women are playing a medal competition on Sunday-well done the girls!


Gents Section


Fri 26th-Sun 28th April, RNLI Shield.


1) I Douglas 41pts bih,

2) A Macaskill 41pts,

3) S Coull 40pts bih,

4) M Williams 40pts.

Wed 1st May,Stableford.

1) R Weir 43pts,

2) I Douglas 40pts,

3) A Munro 37pts bih,

4) I Marr 37pts.

Ladies Section

Sun 28th April, Opening Day Stableford.

1) J.Mackinnon 35pts,

2) D.Johnston 32pts,

3) S.Dew 30pts.

Tues 30th April, Stableford.

1) A.Jagger 37pts,

2) D.Johnston 34pts.

From 4th May 2015

May 05, 2020

Once again the unseasonal weather played a part in last weekend's golf competition at Sconser.


Saturday dawned dry and sunny but still with the cold wind we seem to have had for months now. At least the large group of players played in pleasant conditions whereas twenty-four hours later it was cold, wet and miserable for the few who turned out to compete for the prize on offer.


John Marshall continued his recent steady run of good form with his Stableford points total of 42 being good enough to win the first silverware of the season - the RNLI Trophy.Newcomer, and Dornie resident Craig Campbell finished in second place with Kyle veteran John Allan MacLeod in third position.


When all the scores were collated the 'par' score for the competition was calculated to be 38pts so all three players had the satisfaction of being able to reduce their handicaps on this occasion.


Interestingly the three prizewinners all started from the 15th tee, albeit in different groups - an alternative tee arrangement that the club uses to reduce a bottle-neck situation on the 1st tee. One wonders if this will come to be considered to be the prime starting position in future?


This weekend's competition is the second round of the Skye Cup (best three scores from four rounds to count) where the leaders after round one were Dave MacVicar on 62 and Jamie Beaton, John Finlayson and John Marshall on 65.


Next Wednesday's competition is the Black and White Shield.



Result:RNLI Trophy -

1) J.Marshall 42pts

2) C.Campbell 40pts

3) J.A.MacLeod 39pts

From 20th April 2014

April 28, 2020

Last weekend only a few hardy souls battled on the course in wet and windy conditions but this week the golfers of Skye and Lochalsh strode the fairways at Sconser in glorious, uninterrupted sunshine.

The first round of the Skye Cup attracted a healthy entry and how pleasing it is to report that the winner at the weekend and therefore the leader in this best three from four-round competition was a young player freshly arrived from the junior ranks of the club.

Kyle Pirie, playing off a 23 handicap - but not for long as the handicapper will already be sharpening his pencil - went round in 81 blows for a nett score of 58 to win on the day from Alasdair Grant whose 65 edged out Stewart Johnston for second place by virtue of the dreaded 'better-inward-half'.Martin Bird took fourth place with a nett score of 66.

This weekend's competition is a Bogey.

The Ladies Day was a great success by all accounts as they contemplated the way forward for the season. Some new members were signed up on the day so the competitive juices should be flowing soon as battle commences later this month.

Result Skye Cup rd.1 -

1) Kyle Pirie 81(23) nett 58,

2) Alasdair Grant 74(9) 65 b.i.h.,

3) Stewart Johnston 76(11) 65,

4) Martin Bird 79(13) 66.

From 20th April 2015

April 26, 2020

A fantastic week of dry,sunny weather ensured tricky conditions at Sconser last weekend for the first round of the Skye Cup.

It was the experienced players who were to triumph and Dave MacVicar was the clear winner with a nice score of 62 ensuring a comfortable three stroke winning margin over a group of three other players.

Jamie Beaton had the best inward half in his total of 65 easing him just ahead of John Finlayson on the same score with John Marshall also recording a respectable 65 in his first outing of the season.

The committee were pleased to welcome back to the fold a few former members who have once again renewed their memberships, dusted down their clubs and are now enjoying the ever improving facilities at the Isle of Skye golf club.

Finally,how is it possible to take two putts from a distance of only four inches?

One of the club's curmudgeons playing under competition rules for the first time this season had a proper senior moment when facing a four inch tap-in.The fellow in question had left a long putt just short of the hole and having only played 'bounce' games all winter he casually knocked the ball away considering it to be conceded as happens in fun games. To howls of laughter from his playing partners his ball was now ten feet from the hole. Undaunted, though, our hero casually knocked in the putt!


This weekend's competition is a medal with the first silverware of the season on offer the following weekend when the RNLI Trophy is the featured event.




Saturday 18th/Sunday 19th April: Skye Cup-Round One.

1) D.MacVicar 77(15) nett 62,

2) J.Beaton 74(9) 65 bih ,

3) J.Finlayson 76(11) 65 bih,

4) J.Marshall 79(14) 65.

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