8th                                Gents:  par 4   294 yards   S.I. 5

                                     Ladies:  par 4   256 yards   S.I. 11

Suidhisnis - Suisinish, the promontory on Raasay facing you on the 8th tee.

Although the yardage might make this look like a tempting blind drive for the long hitter, the trouble just short of the green makes this a dangerous gamble. The percentage shot is to lay up, either on top of the hill near the marker post, or allowing the ball to run off the hill towards the far left corner of the fairway, leaving a short level shot to the flat green. A bank of rough right of the green has been known to devour a few golf balls.

Steps to 8th tee

View from 8th tee

View from 8th tee

8th green from marker post

Approach to 8th green

Burn short of 8th green

View of 8th hole from behind green