7th                                Gents:  par 3   146 yards   S.I. 17

                                     Ladies:  par 3   146 yards   S.I. 7


Glàmaig - named after the mountain, the summit of which is actually hidden behind what we can see beyond the green.

This is another par 3 which plays as two entirely different holes depending on the tee used. First time round, the approach is directly away from the sea, crossing the previous fairway. It is a bit more uphill than it appears and so plays longer than the yardage suggests. A bank at the front edge of the green means anything falling short will struggle to make the putting surface. Anything long will find rough under birch trees on the bank behind the green.

7th hole from tee

7th hole from 6th fairway


Approach to 7th green

Approach to 7th green

7th hole from green

View from behind 7th green

The green slopes quite severely back towards the tee. Putts or chips from below the pin will be slow but from above the pin can be treacherous.