4th                               Gents:  par 4   280 yards   S.I. 15

                                    Ladies:  par 4   280 yards   S.I. 9

Tormichaig - named after the ancient settlement to the left of the fairway.

Here the main trouble is up the right side where a stray shot will find a ditch or deep rough. The fairway opens up a bit on the left, giving more room on that side than might be obvious from the tee. Too far left, though, and deep rough awaits. The green is small and very slightly raised, making it a tough target to find.

View from behind 4th tee

4th fairway

4th fairway, grassy ditch

4th hole, rough on right

4th hole, distance marker

4th hole, approach from left part of fairway

4th hole cloud formation

4th green

4th hole from green

4th hole from behind green

4th hole from path to 14th tee