16th                              Gents:  par 3   142 yards   S.I. 4

                                     Ladies:  par 3   142 yards   S.I. 10

Caorann - The Rowan; at the time of naming the holes there was a fairly large rowan tree on the right of the green. This was blown down in a gale some years ago, but there are still many rowan trees nearby.


This is another par 3 which plays as two entirely different holes depending on the tee used. From the 16th tee the approach is uphill and from the side of the green as it was played first time around. The bottom of the pin is unsighted. Everything slopes down from right to left. Trees, rough, and OOB await shots straying too far right. The ideal approach is a high left to right shot – if you have that one in your bag! Trouble almost certainly awaits any shot hit too long.

Steps to 16th tee

View from 16th tee

Approach to 16th green

16th hole from green

View from behind 16th green

16th hole from behind green (with 7th tee on far right)

The green slopes quite severely towards the sea, so right to left as approached from this direction. Putts or chips from below the pin (left) will be slow but from above the pin (right) can be treacherously fast.

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