Information for new golfers wishing to get a handicap: 

Process for Supplementary Scores:

Handicap Information for All Members

Each of us is responsible for ensuring we play off the correct handicap at all times, so it's important that we understand what is required of us. We strongly recommend EVERY member who plays in competitions, whether in our club or at other courses, reads the CONGU Player's Guide. (Click on the link to open the official CONGU website.) Printed copies of this Player's Guide can also be made available for reference in the clubhouse.

In particular, ALL players must be aware of how to complete their scorecards:



















Notice, also, the section that discusses "no returns":
























In other words, if you simply play poorly, you still need to return your card because your score can affect the CSS for EVERYONE. The club is obliged to follow CONGU regulations when we run qualifying competitions, so repeatedly ignoring the requirement to return cards could result in us having to penalise players, something we really have no wish to do to anyone. Please do not put the club in the situation of having to.