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Gents' Fixtures
Competition Starting Times

Unless stated otherwise, starting times for gents' competitions throughout the season are as follows:

Weekend Competitions

Fri 17.00 & 18.00 when evening light allows;

Sat 09.00 & 13.00

Sun 09.00 & 13.00

Saturday Competitions

Sat 09.00 & 13.00

Sunday Competitions

Sun 09.00 & 13.00

Wednesday Competitions

09.30, 13.00, 17.00 & 18.00 when evening light allows

Please ask other members about our starting times WhatsApp group if you would like to be added.

Starting Tees

To keep waiting times to a minimum, competition starting for "roll-up" start times is organised as follows:

  1. Play from 1st tee - up to 9 players. This ensures no more than 3 groups.

  2. 10 to 15 players - a two tee start may be used, from 1st and 15th. This ensures no more than 3 groups from 1st and 2 groups from 15th. Card numbers will decide the tees to be used.

  3. We have the option to use a multi-tee (more than two tees) start if the options above are unsuitable on the day.

We have provided downloadable versions of fixtures information below. However, please note that these files should be used only as a guide. Fixtures may occasionally need to be changed, so any copy you take could become out-dated. The fixtures seen in the table on this page, above, will always be the most up to date available.

Download a copy of the Gents' fixture list here.......

Download a copy of the Gents' starting times here.......

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