Each set of tees for each golf course will have course and slope ratings. The following are the figures we have been supplied for our tees:

Tee Set                                  Course Rating™/ Slope Rating         Par

Yellow Full 18                                           63.6/106                               67

Yellow Front Nine                                    31.9/107                               33

Yellow Back Nine                                     31.7/104                               34

Red Full 18                                                 66.1/110                               68

Red Front Nine                                         33.3/109                               34

Red Back Nine                                          32.8/111                               34

We understand that tees are to become "gender-neutral" under the WHS, in which case we expect to receive figures for ladies playing from yellow tees and gents from red tees. Watch this space!

The following tables allow you to find your Course Handicap for our yellow and red tees:

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