An interesting visitor

September 29, 2019

We had an interesting visitor to the club today, professional golfer Andrew Marshall on a tour around Scotland with a golfing friend from Norfolk. As you will see from the attire, this was no ordinary "holiday" golf. Andrew brought along an old bag full of hickory shafted clubs. As well as a couple of "run of the mill" Open Championships, Andrew has competed in the World Hickory Open Championship!

My thanks to them both for encouraging me to have a go from our 10th tee with one of the clubs. I caught it a wee bit thin but I can assure you I almost have the feeling back in my fingers now :o)

Hollow Coring

September 29, 2019

Yes, it's that "necessary evil" time of year again. If you've played in the past couple of weeks you will know that hollow coring of the greens is in progress. On the plus side, the greens that have been worked on are playing not too badly!  

Thanks must go to the small group of helpers for John last week: George, Neil, and Louis. Their help allowed John to make the most of a dry day and crack on at a quicker pace. We hope to repeat the process on Wednesday this week. If anyone is available and willing to help, I'm sure your support will be welcome. Contact George if you're interested in coming along.

Talisker Scramble

September 06, 2019

With the best weather we've seen for a couple of weeks, and the course playing beautifully, those who played in our Talisker Scramble 3-man team event could not have hoped for more. Everyone appeared to enjoy the day though of course none more so than our winning team, "Chips & Gravy". They had a "quiet" front nine of level par but then fried the opposition with 8 birdies in 9 holes. Congratulations and, importantly, a bottle of Talisker Storm to each of the winners. 

1st  Alan MacLaine, Lloyd Browett, Alex Munro     --- Gross 59, Nett 54.2    (Talisker Storm 70cl bottle)

2nd John Finlayson, Ally Young, Willie Cowie         --- Gross 63, Nett 57.6   (Talisker Storm 20cl bottle)

3rd Murdo Gordon, Lou Gordon, Donnie MacPhee --- Gross 63, Nett 58.1   (Talisker Whisky Rocking Glass)

Good luck!

August 30, 2019

We'd like to wish Ryan MacAskill all the very best as he heads off to begin his Professional Golf BA (Hons) at Dornoch. We look forward to seeing him when he has time to head back home to Skye (no doubt with a pile of washing for mum)!

Club Champion 2019

July 12, 2019

Congratulations to Ryan MacAskill on winning his Club Championship Final against, Stewart Johnston. In what was a topsy-turvy match that saw both players gain and then lose a 3 hole lead, they reached the 17th tee all square. Stewart bravely took on the risk of having a crack at the green with his drive but didn't get the reward, losing his ball and the hole (though the ball was eventually found after the allowed 3 minutes). Ryan went on to birdie the final hole, as he so often does, wrapping up a match that had been played in great spirit throughout.

Fixture Change (Gents)

July 10, 2019

Please note the change to our fixtures for the DEWAR ROSEBOWL. This has been moved from Wednesday 31st July to Wednesday 7th August to accommodate a coaching and demo day, courtesy of the Inverness Golf Centre. More information will be published about that very shortly.

Hole in One!

July 08, 2019

Huge congratulations to Donalda Johnston for her hole-in-one at the 5th during Tuesday's Ladies' competition!!!

New information available on the website...

June 04, 2019

Please note that the draw for the Seniors Open on Saturday is available:

Also, details about Junior Coaching can now be found on the Juniors' page:

Men's Fixture Change & Entries for Match Play Knockouts

May 10, 2019

Please take note that we have rescheduled the Highland Cup to take place NEXT WEEKEND (17/18/19 May). This is a Medal competition with 2 categories.  Tee times are the usual weekend arrangements (Fri/Sat/Sun).

Also, if you wish to take part in this year's Match Play Knockouts (Singles and/or Pairs), please place your names and contact numbers on the entry sheets in the clubhouse by the end of next weekend. If you cannot get to the clubhouse this week, I'm sure a phone call or email to a kindly steward will get your details on the sheets.

An Honorable Visit!

May 10, 2019

Today we were delighted to welcome a Past Captain of the club, now Honorary Member, George Gibson. George lives over near Inverness these days but popped in for a look around and chat while on the way past with members of his family ...and yes, checked to see we do still have his name on the "Captains" board!  We reminisced about the old days when he remembers cutting the greens with a hand-mower. Now that must have taken some real dedication.

It's a pity our "buggy boys" weren't around until later in the day, and so missed George's visit. When I mentioned George having been there, Murdo Beaton recounted a tale of a match he'd played against him. They'd had a tight match which went to the final hole, what is now our 15th. Murdo had the honour but carved his drive on to the beach (how well we all know that feeling). Without a word, George put away his driver and prudently knocked a 5 iron up the middle. Canny!

Much may have changed in the intervening years, but good match play tactics remain good match play tactics! Well done George, and it was lovely to meet you.

Competition News by John Marshall

May 05, 2019

The 'RNLI Shield' has always been a popular competition at the Isle of Skye Golf Club and that was nicely reflected with a much better than average turnout of competitors when it was played for recently. Apparently for all three days the conditions above ground were ideal for scoring as at long last the blustery winds had died down but with the continuing lack of rain the course is still running hard and fast and the players are being challenged to invent a variety of different strategies to counteract the fiery conditions.


The player who coped best and therefore was declared to be the winner was Iain Douglas who recorded his score on Saturday morning. He shot 36(19pts) and 34(22) for his two loops with the three birdies collected en route to his 41pt total most certainly helping the cause.

Playing one day earlier Archie Macaskill maintained his recent run of solid, consistent form with 14 pars and four 'others' contributing to his score of 36(21pts) and 37(20) but although registering the same total as his 'opponent' unfortunately he was to be eased into the runner-up slot again courtesy of Iain's better back nine.

Stevie Coull, another Saturday competitor, took third place with his outward score of 42(17pts) followed by an excellent 37(23) for a 40pt total thus pipping Sunday regular Mike Williams for the bronze medal slot thanks to a better finishing nine holes. Mike's well-crafted 39(20pts) and 40(20) included succedent birdies in a round well played.


John Cunningham, the new greenkeeper, is now fully operational and is, thanks to former course-custodian Brian Green, currently familiarising himself with the idiosyncrasies of the Sconser track. John is keen to join in competitive play at the club and to that end is currently looking to upgrade his golf sticks in preparation for joining in with the boys. He'll be very welcome.

Last Wednesday's competition was played in ideal scoring conditions. Although it was cool and a little on the dull side for the morning slot, the temperature rose steadily throughout the day, Conditions were unusually calm and the sun gently warmed the backs of the combatants as they prepared for action.

This midweek Stableford competition resulted in a runaway victory for Robbie Weir. An infrequent competitor, Robbie certainly turned on the heat 'coming home' after 39 shots(19pts) were needed for the first half of his round.  A respectable audition then for what was to come with a miserly 35(24) blows required to navigate the inward 'nine'. Very fine shooting indeed and consequently the handicapper's pencil has been at work!

Continuing his rich vein of recent good form Iain Douglas secured the runner-up slot courtesy of his 40pt accumulation. He required 38 blows(17pts) 'going out' but a brilliant 33(23) strokes back nine was a fine effort indeed - another three birdie haul included!

Further in arrears Alex Munro and Ian Marr both settled for 37pts but the former eased third place by the closest of margins. Alex's two nines were 37(18pts) and 37(19) while Ian reversed these two points totals consequently slipping to fourth place.

The ladies section is now 'open for business' and their opening day Stableford resulted in victory for Jill Mackinnon with Donalda Johnston as proxime accessit and Sandra Dew completing the leading trio. Jill had a ropey opening nine holes but recovered well while the other two ladies reversed that process with respectable openings but falling away towards the end of their rounds. Early days though for the girls and perhaps, like the boys, they'll take a few outings to get into the swing of things.

Two days later and they were out in action again and this time - another Stableford! Ann Jagger scooped the pool this time with a nice total of 37pts and a three-point comfortable victory with Donalda Johnston once more occupying the runner-up spot.

This weekend is a 'biggie' for the men with Saturday-only play for the 36-hole David Murray Quaich, then on Sunday it's a - you've guessed - Stableford! The women are playing a medal competition on Sunday - well done the girls!


Gents Section

Fri 26th-Sun 28th April, RNLI Shield.

1) I Douglas 41pts bih,

2) A Macaskill 41pts,

3) S Coull 40pts bih,

4) M Williams 40pts.

Wed 1st May, Stableford.

1) R Weir 43pts,

2) I Douglas 40pts,

3) A Munro 37pts bih,

4) I Marr 37pts.

Ladies Section

Sun 28th April, Opening Day Stableford.

1) J.Mackinnon 35pts,

2) D.Johnston 32pts,

3) S.Dew 30pts.

Tues 30th April, Stableford.

1) A.Jagger 37pts,

2) D.Johnston 34pts.

Competition News by John Marshall

April 28, 2019

The Isle of Skye Golf Club's Easter Weekend Stableford Competition was a four-day effort played in glorious sunny weather with mostly calm conditions although those participants hoping to trouble the leader on the final day had their work cut out as an extremely strong wind made scoring very tricky. It didn't really matter though as the winner had already been crowned on day two of the competition when Donnie Macphee registered what proved to be an unassailable total of 46pts.


Rewind then to Friday's play and it was Robert Macaskill who set the early pace with a well-crafted handicap-reducing score of 42pts. That set the bar at a very high level from the 'off'. Two halves of 38(20pts) and 37(22pts) completed a good evening's work with no other challengers in sight.


Saturday dawned bright and fair with a healthy turnout but Donnie Macphee simple blew the challenge away with his two laps of 39(22pts) and 37(24pts) shots leaving the rest of the field in his wake. Two birdies too for Donnie but honourable mention #1 goes to Alex 'four-birdies-again' Munro who lodged a meritorious score of 40pts but only caught a fleeting glimpse of the eventual winner rapidly disappearing into the far distance.


Fast forward 24hrs and yet another group attempted to topple the leader and although James Colven performed admirably whilst recording his total of 43pts (25/18) Donnie remained king-of-the-castle. Another handicap reduction then for James with a mightily impressive total for the opening nine holes.


Last chance saloon on Monday as yet another posse set off in pursuit of the leader but due to a severe and continuing lack of heavenly moisture and the seemingly resident howling wind making the course bone dry, their task was well nigh impossible. However, that not withstanding, honourable mention #2 must go to Jill Mackinnon - the only lady who was able to participate in the holiday-weekend competition. In addition to golfing her ball she was also doubling as a 'marker' for her mulibrous companion who was simply submitting a 'card' for the restoration of her handicap.

38pts then for Jill with two birdies nicely hidden among a 'forest of fives' - good effort there in testing conditions - but indefaticabilty and this long-time lady member are no strangers!

Incidentally, although players could submit one round each day if desired for competition purposes and a few competitors played on more than one occasion, those mentioned above all deserve praise as they each played but one single time.

With the hours of daylight continuing to stretch, midweek competition play has commenced and first up was round one of the Strath Cup.,With the glorious spell of good weather expected to vanish soon - we need rain - there was an encouraging turnout throughout the day in support of this competition slot.

Ian Marr was declared to be the winner by the narrowest of margins - better inward half - over nearest rival on the day, Archie Macaskill. Although they were to be accommodated in different playing slots, how good is it to see a septuagenarian still able to take down a young teenager in the same competition - albeit from their respective very different handicap marks!

Ian's round started off very poorly - 6,8 - a musical time-signature known to 'students of the subject' as compound duple time but better known to the 'masses' as jig time, but he certainly wouldn't have been dancing for joy as he climbed aboard the third tee. However he settled to the task in hand but still required 44 blows (19pts) to navigate the outward nine. Composure regained at half time, he headed for home with only 40 biffs (23pts) required to breast the tape ahead of the field. Job done then for the bodach but young Archie pushed him all the way with two fine halves of 37 (20pts) and 36 (22pts) to temporarily regain the bragging rights in the house of Macaskill as dad Robert sneaked third place from Danny Steele - once again by the narrowest of margins. Robert has also been on a good run of form lately and 38/39 for 20/20pts was a good return in the testing conditions. Danny Steele, making a welcome return to competitive golf at the club, didn't manage to complete all 18 holes on his circuit but two hauls of 20pts was a fine reward for a good effort. All four players were rewarded with handicap reductions.

This weekend is the May medal for the gents while the ladies will compete in a strokeplay competition.


Easter Stableford.

1) D.Macphee 46pts,

2) J.Colven 43pts ,

3) R.Macaskill 42pts,

4) A.Munro 40pts.

Wed 24th April, Strath Cup, Round 1 (of four).

1)I. Marr 42pts bih,

2) A.Macaskill 42pts,

3) R.Macaskill 40pts bih,

4) D.Steele 40pts.

John Marshall

Competition News by John Marshall

April 21, 2019

There was welcome respite from the usual individual competitive diet at the Isle of Skye Golf Club recently when two 'fun' formats occupied prime position at the weekend.

First up on Saturday was a 3-Man Scramble, a format where members choose their own playing partners and attempt to mould three sometimes disparate styles and strategies into a composite whole! The day dawned bright and sunny but a very strong Baltic blast ensured that it wasn't going to be an easy ride for what was to be a decent turnout of teams. The scramble format dictates that all players play their tee shots and then the best shot is selected and all players play from that position, and so on till the ball is holed. The shotgun start meant that groups all started off different tees - then battle commenced.


Back in the day we actually fired a shotgun on the course to begin proceedings then car horns were used to start play but things are generally more sanitised now!


Starting on the second tee and straight into the wind were the eventual victors - 'The Sheisters' - the team of Alex Munro(8), Chris Hanley(9), and Andrew Long(8). On paper they were certainly favourites with a handicap allowance of only 3.1 but as we all know the game is not played on paper. Starting with a difficult shot into the hoolie off the second tee they recorded a strong par then later added three birdies to complete the first portion of their round.Their only blemish was a bogey (one over par) on the seventh hole. They caught fire towards the conclusion of their second circuit with a really splendid finish of five birdies in seven holes. Overall then eight birdies, a gross total of 60.0 and nett 56.9 in testing conditions - an unassailable lead?

It was to be good enough - but it was a very, very close call. The runners-up were the 'Scone sir?' team of James Colven(21), John Maclean(12) and John Marshall(13). They started on the ninth tee and found an excellent putting touch early on harvesting a most acceptable haul of four birdies in their first six holes. However it didn't last and they became becalmed for several holes, apart from one more isolated birdie, then committed the most heinous of crimes in this format, they too recorded a bogey! Their final total was 63.0 minus their 5.8 handicap for a nett total of 57.2 and defeat by 0.3 of a single shot!

However,on paper at least the winners off their handicaps and with a couple of bombers in their team compared with only one in the other team were expected to win but in the end the competition was good, fair, tough and there was much banter and generally good craic about the day's events in the clubhouse following the conclusion of the game.

Next day the troops assembled to play a Greensomes competition. Like the previous day's event members selected their own playing partners and like Saturday there was a relaxed air about proceedings. The weather was kind as the teams assembled to compete in a format where teams of two play together. Both players hit their tee shots, select the better one then one ball is played alternately till holed out. Like its companion format the previous day, it offers a respite, however brief, from the formal competition diet. Incidentally, by my calculations, to date we'll have had 15 days of competitive play since the season began - 12 Stablefords and 3 'others'. As mentioned previously the predominant - for the time being at least - Stableford form of play affords a degree of latitude that pure strokeplay does not and whilst the former format favours the more volatile higher-handicappers in the club, the latter offers the better players greater opportunity to parade their skills - but a 'balance' of 12/3?

One is extremely reluctant to don one's Mystic Meg garb and gaze into the crystal ball to see what's waiting further down the line.


The winners of the Greensomes competition then were the father and son combination of Robert and Archie Macaskill with a fine total of 42pts - even this competition was converted into Stableford formula. Despite a 5,6 start to their round off a 12 handicap they completed the first 'nine' in 37 shots for 20pts! A stronger start launched their second half and they did very well to complete the lap in 36 blows which converted to 22pts and ultimately their winning total.

Runners-up were the pairing of Alex Munro and Chris Hanley - having 'jettisoned' Andrew Long from their victorious Scramble team 24hrs earlier. Did he walk or was he pushed? These boys had a steady outward nine of 36 shots,their 8 handicap converting to 19pts but struggled to finish their round with two bogeys and a total of 38 blows for 18pts.

Incidentally, prior to this competition someone who shall remain nameless posted a Tweet on the club's website containing a link explaining the 'rules of procedure' for this more unusual form of play. Unfortunately the person who posted the 'advice' failed to read it as he and consequently his playing companion for the day were disqualified mid-round! You couldn't make it up!

This weekend's competition is the RNLI Shield whilst the ladies officially open their playing season on Sunday.


Sat 13th April,3 - Man Scramble.

1)' The Sheisters' - A.Munro, A.Long and C.Hanley - 56.9,

2) 'Scone sir?' - J.Colven, J.Maclean and J.Marshall - 57.2

Sun 14th April, Greensomes.

1) A.Macaskill and R.Macaskill 42pts,

2) A.Munro and C.Hanley 37pts.

John Marshall

Competition News by John Marshall

April 14, 2019

For the first time this season the brilliant sunshine and clear skies on Friday evening enabled a three-day weekend competition to be played.

The April Medal was up for grabs and although it was sunny and windy for day one it was to be very different on each of the other two days. Saturday was very cold and wet and Sunday dawned damp, rather dark with a decent breeze to keep the players honest.

Lou Gordon made a welcome return to the fold with a nicely crafted,handicap-reducing score of 63. Two steady laps of 39 and 38 shots off his 14 handicap was the stand-out score from the first session of play.

Next day turned out to be a considerably less enjoyable experience for the hardy souls who braved the cold and wet. Consequently at least two guys to my certain knowledge have discovered that their waterproof gear is no longer fit for purpose this season so visits to the pro shops of Inverness have become something of a priority.

John Maclean recorded the day's outstanding score with halves of 34 and 38 for a brilliant nett score of 59 off his 13 'mark'. He started with six straight pars which must have encouraged his confidence but later conceded that he got a 'wee bit tight' towards the end of his round. Due to his work commitments John is only able to participate in a few competitions book-ending the season so, unlike the rest of us, he has to maximise his limited playing opportunities!

He was one of those players who chose practice as his off-season pastime and apparently several evenings spent on the rapidly improving greens recently - plus a new 'flat stick' - paid dividends in spades.

Incidentally,former multiple club-champion Sandy Ross, who for most of his time on Skye was the lowest handicapped player in the club, was also the most prolific practicer - is there a moral to this tale?

Current club-champion Chris Hanley also recorded a fine performance on the damp and miserable day with a handicap-reducing submission of 62. Two very tidy halves of 36 and 35 shots off his 9 handicap in the dreadful conditions resulted in a job well done.

An excellent score then from Mr Maclean and looking good for victory until, next day, along came that man James Cumming - again - with yet another sub 60 nett score. Off his 18 handicap he required 40 shots to navigate the outward half but six pars and three bogeys coming home in 37 blows won him the prize in a photo finish.

Subsequently and timeously the handicap committee reviewed his astonishing recent performances so following the computer's automatic decimal points competition reduction and in accordance with national handicap procedure they  subtracted another three full shots from his 'mark'. Two weeks ago James played off 18.4-now with all the calculations completed he's off 13.9 and according to my sources he's delighted. Good man, good attitude.

Top marks then to the scrutineers for doing their job but congratulations to James for forcing their hand!

Although he's an experienced golfer apparently James became rather disenchanted with the game for a while but this super-extended run of good form, the acquisition of a new set of golf sticks, and a much-improved handicap certainly seems to have teed him up for another successful season.

This weekend's competition - the Easter Stableford - can and will be played over all four days of the Easter weekend. As a one-off 'holiday' event apparently players can play in all four rounds should they choose to do so. 

The gents' midweek competitions get under way next Wednesday and first up is the round one of the Strath Cup - and it's a Stableford. Sunday 28th April is the opening day of the ladies season - details on the website.

A busy but very interesting time then for golfers in Skye and Lochalsh so let's hope for an exciting season with plenty stories to be told.


Fri 5th - Sun 7th April, Medal Competition.

1) J.Cumming 77(18) nett 59 b.i.h, 

2) J.Maclean   72(13)         59, 

3) C.Hanley      71(9)          62, 

4) L.Gordon     77(14)         63.

                                                                        John Marshall

Competition News by John Marshall

April 03, 2019

It was a wild,windy but sunny day that greeted the Sconser golfers recently as they assembled for their first competition of the new season. The occasional wintry shower rattled through too but play went on uninterrupted in the Open Stableford competition.

The Competiton Scratch Score is normally 64 and reflects normal playing conditions but the scores returned on the day across all handicap levels meant the CSS was raised to 67 and that's as high as the rules allow it to go so fair play to the battling golfers!


Recently crowned Winter Competition champion James Colven edged to victory with a points total that wouldn't have come even close to winning in normal conditions. He must have thought it was an easy game when he birdied the first hole of the new season but there was trouble waiting just ahead. Off his 21 handicap he fought well although he failed to return a score on three holes. Runner-up Chris Hanley, 9 handicap, and third place Andrew Long, 7 handicap, had a much smaller 'shot allowance' from the course. The lower handicapped players are usually much more consistent in their play than their higher-handicapped 'cousins' so it was no surprise that Chris was able to record 36/40 for his two laps of the track while Andrew signed for 37/38.

Perhaps what decided the outcome was that James finished par, par while Chris finished bogey, bogey and Andrew was par, bogey.

Golfers are a strange breed and will suffer agonies if they miss a putt to win or have a disaster on the final hole. There's no thought given to the hooked drive heading rapidly out of bounds earlier in the round that hits a seal resting on the rocks, bounces high into the air deflects off one of the club's resident heron population before landing on top of a fence post bouncing back in bounds finally coming to rest in the middle of the fairway!

First competition then and the dreaded 'better inward half' comes into play with James edging out Chris with Andrew one single point in arrears. Incidentally, sources inform me that all three of these winter competition regulars found great difficulty putting into 'proper' golf holes instead of our winter 'buckets' that are a full two inches wider.

Fast forward 24hours and it was seconds-out, round two as the Anniversary Quaich was the trophy of the day. The weather forecast was even worse than the previous day so understandably the attendance for this competition was poor - very poor. Some hardy souls from the previous day returned to try their luck, some new players participated, but those who decided to stay at home probably made a wise decision as five of the ten participants walked off the course because playing conditions were so bad. Hail, snow, wind and rain are unpleasant companions when one is engaged in competition. Once again the CSS was at 'red-alert' level of 67.

Chris Hanley outlasted the others this time with a miserable winning total of 31pts. John Finlayson, fresh from non-participation the day before, breezed into second place with 29pts and doughty Andrew Long again made the prizelist with 28pts for third place.

None of the five players who crossed the finishing line battered and bruised registered a score for all eighteen holes!

Chris has the consolation of silverware but with the greatest possible respect one wonders where the pleasure is to be had playing in these conditions!

The club is delighted to welcome Mr John Cunningham to the post of greenkeeper at Sconser. He will commence his duties at the course in three weeks time. The really good news though is that he's a golfer too - it's a long time since we had a 'golfing' greenkeeper - so look out for extra care and attention being given to the scoring areas on the course!

The club owes a debt of gratitude to former course custodian Brian Green for helping to bridge the recent 'gap' and I'm sure he'll be looking forward to handing over the reigns to the 'younger man' before returning to his well-earned retirement!

Finally,hallelujah this weekend's competition is not another Stableford - it's the first monthly medal of the season!


Sat 23rd March, Open Stableford Competition.

1) J Colven 36pts(b.i.h),

2) C.Hanley 36pts,

3) A.Long 35pts.

Sun 24th March,Anniversary Quaich.

1) C Hanley 31pts,

2) J Finlayson 29pts,

3) A.Long 28pts.

                                                                                         John Marshall

Introducing our new greenkeeper

March 31, 2019

We are certain all members will want to join the committee in welcoming John Cunningham as our new green-keeper. John trained at Royal Musselburgh Golf Club and achieved SVQ level 3 in Sports Turf management and horticulture, plus PA 1, PA 2 and PA 6.

He moved to Skye just over a year ago with his wife and two children as his chosen place to raise his family and has been working for Skye and Lochalsh Housing Association in their estate management section.

John beat off two other qualified applicants from the South of England by nature of his qualifications, residence and well constructed CV.  He conducted himself well at interview and displayed his enthusiasm for the post by taking the time to walk the course prior to interview. A golfer himself, he is looking forward to taking up his post 3 weeks from now..

Our grateful thanks go to Brian for maintaining the course since the beginning of the year and offering to continue helping John for a short time after taking up the post.

New Season Begins

March 25, 2019

A few brave souls ventured out in chilly and changeable conditions over the weekend, first on Saturday for an "Open Day"won by James Colven. Andrew Long, true to his name, took the longest drive prize. 

Sunday's competition was the Anniversary Trophy. A bracing wind brought several showers though, one particularly vicious hail shower among them, causing half the field to call it a day before completing their round. In the end, Chris Hanley put in a pretty decent score in the conditions of 31 points to win. With nobody matching the SSS, no 

handicap increases were applied, which will be a crumb of comfort to those who had battled hard to no avail.


Monday has brought calmer, drier weather so it's the casual golfers and visitors who are enjoying the best of the early Spring conditions.


Preferred lies are in force. However, the course is in pretty good shape in spite of some localised damage from the deer.. There are one or two damp spots on the course so take care on any slopes where it may be a little slippery underfoot.


February 20, 2019

In case you have not already heard, our green-keeper, Klaus, has tendered his resignation. We wish him well in his future endeavours. In order to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible, the committee have agreed payment in lieu of notice worked, meaning yesterday was his final day on the course.


We have arranged temporary assistance from our former green-keeper, Brian, who has kindly agreed to work on the course 3 days a week, with immediate effect, until we are able to find a replacement for Klaus.

Job notices will be going out soon but we will also consider taking on a trainee who we would put through the necessary qualifications. We also are asking as many members as are able to volunteer their time to help with various tasks throughout what will inevitably be a testing time for the club, 

We will be displaying notices on the website, at the clubhouse , and possibly via email, to ask for volunteers to help with certain tasks as these become necessary. PLEASE DO NOT PASS THESE NOTICES BY, ASSUMING THAT "SOMEONE ELSE" WILL HELP! Step up and be part of it, whatever it is you can offer. For example, Sandra has offered to help with teas and cakes to keep volunteers happy next time we get a work party organised.  (If that doesn't bring in some more volunteers, I don't know what will.) The more members who can help when asked, the better. 

Even if you cannot spare any time to help, but can still find time to play some golf, you can help by taking extra care of the course as you play. Repair any pitchmarks you see on greens (not just your own - DEFINITELY repair your own - but any others you see too), Replace divots (not on tees). Use the sand in the boxes provided to fill divots on the tees. Pick up any litter you see. In short, try to leave the course in better condition than it was when you got there! This will help everyone, including you!

Winter Golf 2018/2019 Seasonal Rules

November 14, 2018

With effect from 1st December the following winter rules come into force...

1. A ball coming to rest on any fairway MUST either be

   a) played from a mat as near as possible to where it lay, or

   b) lifted and replaced off the fairway at least one club length from the nearest edge of the fairway , not nearer the hole, or at the nearest point of relief from any obstruction this brings into play, not nearer the hole.

2. A ball coming to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway edge MUST be lifted and dropped beyond one club length, not nearer the hole, unless this is not possible due to obstructions interfering with play in which case the ball may be played as it lies.

3. A ball coming to rest beyond the painted lines across the fairway, in front of normal greens, may be played as it lies.

4. A ball coming to rest on any winter green not in use MUST be lifted and dropped under G.U.R. (rule 25.1, or rule 16 in the "Player's Edition" of the new rules in force from 1st January 2019).

5. In the vicinity of greens (either "normal" or "winter"), a ball may be played as it lies using a putter.

6. All club winter league competition matches with winter greens in play shall remain as such throughout the day.

Please note: any time a player lifts a ball under these winter season rules, the ball may be cleaned.

Chris Hanley

Greens Convener.

There are a few points worth explaining further.


These seasonal rules are intended to protect our course from excessive damage through the winter months. Protection and care of our course should be foremost in all members' minds and actions at all times, but especially through the winter when it can be easier to inflict damage on the course, and harder for the course to recover from that damage.

When removing a ball from the fairway to place it in the semi-rough, there may occasionally be situations where it is difficult or impossible to comply with the "at least one club length". For example, this might bring the wall on the 1st/10th hole into play. The rules are not intended to unfairly disadvantage a player, and so common sense must prevail. If, for example, under rule 1 when we place the ball at least one club length from the edge of the fairway this means a player cannot take a normal swing, that is clearly an unfair disadvantage. In this case, the ball should be placed as near as possible to a point that complies with the rule but still gives the player relief from the obstruction.

Similarly, if a ball comes to rest in the rough, within one club length of the fairway, and dropping it beyond one club length means this forces a player to bring an obstruction into play, this would be completely unfair and the ball may be played as it lies.

Note the difference between REPLACING a ball that was on the fairway, and DROPPING a ball that came to rest in the rough within one club length of the fairway. The former is intended not to risk disadvantaging a player who has found a fairway, so the ball is placed. However, a less accurate player who found the rough will have to drop the ball and run the risk of a resulting poorer lie. 

If players carry a mat / section of carpet and use this when playing from the fairway, the need to drop the ball off the fairway is removed. Also, damage caused in "popular" areas of semi-rough will be reduced. Any such mat / carpet should be sufficient to afford protection to the fairway when the stroke is made.

Winter League 2018/19

November 09, 2018

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Winter League

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